zelite infinity damascus japanese chef knife

It resists stains, corrosion and discoloration. He saw the paring knife and purchased it early for me. A great knife will make you feel more competent, and as a professional, I appreciate the craftsmanship that Zelite Infinity puts into producing their Alpha-Royal Japanese knives. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless Steel Blade Lasts a Lifetime, Sharpest Professional Chefs Knife For Cooking, Gyuto Made for Home Cook or Restaurant Kitchen Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery … From the shape and width of our bolster to the rounded handles, our knives are created with comfort and performance in mind. But a company and their products are only as good as their guarantee and the customer service at Zelite certainly does those two things great! We guarantee our knives and accessories will perform as advertised when properly used and maintained and are free of manufacturing defects in material and construction. Its forged 8-inch blade is made of German steel. I have been looking for a new knife for the kitchen and decided to give Zelite a try. Alpha-Royal Japanese Series Magnetic Block Set. From premium Japanese and German steels, to glass fiber and wood handles, to elegant wood finishes and leather sheaths, we only use premium materials to offer you the best knives and accessories. Your email address will not be published. My go-to set of knives – every time!”, “The name says it all. A tang is the bottom portion of the blade that extends into the handle of the knife. It needs to be comfortable and well balanced. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless Steel Blade Lasts a Lifetime, Sharpest Professional Chefs Knife For Cooking, Gyuto Made for Home Cook or Restaurant Kitchen Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife 7 Inch - Comfort-Pro Series - German High Carbon Stainless Steel - Razor Sharp, Granton Edge A blunt or scarred knife causes strain and discomfort, thereby making cooking stressful and tiresome. Zelite infinity chef knife is lightweight and rare tapered bolster provide extreme comfort, perfect balance and total control. Thank you again Zelite and thank you Sam! Not to say my age (lol) but I have been using chef knives for 31 years. The high-quality materials and attractive design make this knife an excellent choice for the price. Additional questions can always be directed to our customer service department. If you don’t believe me, believe the 2,363 positive knife reviews. It all starts with a good knife and I have been using these non-stop. A chef’s knife is, by far, one of the single most essential tools in any kitchen. First, I will say I am a working professional chef. The Zelite infinity comfort pro 8-inch chef knife is ranked as one of the best chef knives under $50. I have also owned two other Japanese-style Damascus knives. Eventually, I am offering you money back guarantee for this, one of the best knife … The VG-10 super-strong steel is cooled in liquid nitrogen for long-lasting sharpness. Not to say my age (lol) but I have been using chef knives for 31 years. These are great knives with amazing build quality and they look beautiful. And every product is inspected by an independent 3rd party to ensure the delivered product meets our stringent quality requirements. Zelite Infinity carries a limited warranty for the lifetime of the original owner. Oh, and that Bird’s Beak Paring knife is fabulous for cocktail hour!”, “The steel used in these knives have provided the perfect balance between a razor-sharp edge and the toughness to withstand a little more abuse. The German steel blades are super sharp and have great edge retention so I easily get through all of my daily meal preps.”. “There’s something about a good knife that speaks to me in my kitchen. comfort pro series. The quality is perfection in itself. The Alpha-Royal Japanese series has the perfect weight and feel for both professional chefs and home cooks. I had been working on knife skills and my husband decided I needed the right tools. Not only is the Zelite infinity knife very sharp and effective, but it also has a breath-taking Japanese Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern. The blade is really sharp, making it easier for you to chop, slice, dice or mince with minimal effort. Since we were putting out a Christmas feast, he decided we needed a good carving knife as well. We will guide you on how to properly hone and sharpen your knife as you continue to utilize them in the kitchen, and also how to care for your Zelite accessories. Zelite infinity Damascus Japanese super stain and rust-resistant steel knives have a 5-star rating of 85% and are loved by over 2,363 satisfied customers. Whether you prefer a pinch grip, rocking motion or a standard slice or dice style of prep work – each knife takes into consideration grip and cutting motion so that you have the perfect fit. The beautiful and protective packaging simply makes Zelite infinity knife the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. The full-tang black Pakkawood handle is robust, durable and comfortable in my hand during long hours in the kitchen. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 Zelite Limited. It all starts with a good knife and I have been using these non-stop. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved Bladesto. Effortless cutting and slicing, and after a full day I am not fatigued. It combines the sharpness and strength of high carbon and the rust resistance of stainless steel. They can take a beating in the kitchen and they are easy to maintain. And I just love this blade!!! I use them everyday and they stay razor sharp for me.”, “I was looking for a knife that was light, easy to maneuver, and sturdy at the same time. But, an ideal knife helps you prepare the best meals swiftly and efficiently. Your email address will not be published. It has a wonderful feel and great balance, not to mention it is crazy sharp. It’s a handcrafted, full-tang, double-bevel knife, made from 67 layered, high carbon AUS 10 steel. All of our customer service inquiries are handled directly by our family so that we can get to know both our customers and your experiences with our products. This knife glides effortlessly through meat, fruit and vegetables, cutting like its slicing through butter. These knives are ultra comfortable, perfectly weighted, and sturdy – all at an unbelievable price. This Zelite Infinity Chef Knife is a versatile blade that is designed for multi-purpose cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing tasks in the kitchen. Although the knife is manufactured in China, it is made of premium materials imported from Japan. They’re razor sharp, lightweight & very versatile-making them the perfect balance for me.”, “The Executive-Plus Series of knives are exactly what you want as a professional chef. They are unbelievable! Each layer of ultra-tough steel helps to strengthen the blade making it sturdy and durable. In my opinion, Zelite chef knives are the best chef knives to have in the kitchen. This Zelite is one of the best chef knives … Very high quality steel. It is very easy to handle and it makes cooking so much easier. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife. These knives are comfortable, functional, and of great quality. I am seriously thinking of ditching my old knives for all of these because I have found my tools! It is perfect for cutting paper-thin slices of meat, fruits and vegetables. The Pakka wood handle is triple riveted to the full tang for superior durability and control. Each Zelite knife series consists of a 6 piece set of knives (chef knife, bread knife, Santoku, boning knife, utility knife, and a smaller pairing knife) that are handpicked to suit your needs as well as a magnetic knife block that you can use to display your new knives. The multiple layers of steel also make it stay sharper for much longer with proper maintenance. Required fields are marked *. Though the knife … With your purchase, you will receive detailed instructions on how to properly use and care for your product. Additionally, this easy to hold blade boasts of a flexible blade that allows for maneuverability when working on food items with different levels of hardness. Zelite knives review can be compared to none other. This chef knife is razor shape because it has a solid construction and made from premium Japanese steel. If you want to check Zelite Executive chef knife Click ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8 Inch >> Executive-Plus Celebrity Edition >> Best Quality Japanese AUS10 Super Steel 45 Layer Damascus Chef knife Final Words. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Zelite infinity Damascus Japanese super stain and rust-resistant steel knives have a 5-star rating of 85% and are loved by over 2,363 satisfied customers. Our blades are hand-sharpened using the complex 3-stage Honbazuke method to give you the sharpest blade possible. I found it with the Razor-Edge series. This chef knife has a stunning intricate design and superb finish. This knife needs to be added to your kitchen! A full tang means that the blade runs all the way through the handle. Its stylish and elegant look is truly one of a kind. Thank you so much for creating this series! The series (listed in order from the highest to lowest quality, and hence, highest to lowest price respectively) are the executive plus, alpha-royal Japanese, razor edge, alpha-royal German and

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