having otters as pets

As a vet you shouldn’t explain people what to do if they still wanna keep a wild pet! WOW!! My dogs have full access to run outside and play in the backyard but they choose to stay inside on a bed watching tv and eatting treats. With that said, most or all states will likely ban possession of native otters, and the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act strongly protects marine species (sea otters). There should be hollowed out logs, aptly placed shrubs and trees, and various cage furniture that will make the space more interesting. Otters do climb, adding to the complexity of the habitat, so a top is required. Vegetables, insects, crayfish, monkey nuts, soft-boiled eggs, etc. No. This is only a very simplified introduction to feeding. While they were not the first country to open a pet café (this was Taiwan's honor), the idea gained significant popularity there. And for those shaming her in the comments. Mrs Smith, inform yourself, go back to University to learn the BASIC ethics of your job. You may have seen videos on YouTube of otters playing in people's homes, but often these videos lack context. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. This can be fed irregularly with a "scatter" method to ward off stereotypic behavior — something that occurs when certain animals are fed at specific times. Thanks to hunting, habit destruction and many other human activities, almost all species of otter are either endangered or at least threatened. (2019). You really need to have them from birth to be comfortable. Given their sensitivity, less than 10% are likely to survive to adoption. Otters might be something you see only at a zoo or sanctuary in the United States, but in other countries, otters are kept as pets. All those things you find cute on IG are them showing their distress ! I’ve occasionally seen them offered for sale on exoticanimalsforsale.net in the past, but not for a while. Don’t get a pet to show off get a pet because you have heart ! They force them, they are not pets, they are not our possession, they belong to nature! They are extremely uncommon, and you would likely need to contact a broker who can track down a breeder or import one. Exotic animals have many guidelines regarding their maintenance in captivity, but possession laws do change deepening on the State. These have brought significant problems and it is very questionable if exotic animals will fare well in such environments. All states have bans on at least some exotic pets, even states that are notorious for having lax pet laws. Do Otters Make Good Pets – There are lots of unique family pets that individuals fantasize concerning owning– baby penguins, panda bears, dragons– however they are frequently stunned to hear that some people can and do lawfully maintain unique animals like fennec foxes, wild felines, and marmosets. Well I did come come across an instragram account of a pet otter in Japan, and I never saw a outdoor cage in the account. They are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. If an otter does attack, they have sharp teeth which can be very dangerous, especially to children. However, there are few countries which appear to favor having otters as pets. They got out one time and we keep checking to see if they came back You should be ashamed Mellissa! Plus I would never just have one. Otters are usually kept outdoors because they emit an odor. Its not like they are using them for fur or food. Please be better than that and get a pet that we breed for generations. If an otter feels threatened, its heavy, muscular body and sharp claws are enough to overpower pets and small children. Have a secondary pond/enclosure that I keep stocked with fish,frogs, and other native species that I would let my baby out in daily and go swimming with it. The woman in the video DOES SAY she would 100% NOT recommend an otter as a pet... Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 27, 2019: Shame on you! Because I love otters. What is a good pet? More otters smuggled for sale in Japan as demand as pets grows. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/otters-protection-surveys-and-licences#how-otters-are-protected, http://www.otterspecialistgroup.org/Library/TaskForces/OCT/OCT_ASO_Husbandry_Guidelines_Summary.pdf, https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/07/17/national/otters-smuggled-sale-japan-demand-pets-grows/#.XeDfjZNKiUl, https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/12302/21936349, https://ptes.org/get-informed/facts-figures/otter/, Types of German Shepherd - All Breed Variations, The Ocelot as a Pet: Everything you Need to Know, Ostriches as Pets: Guidelines and General Tips, Ferrets as Pets: Guidelines and General Tips, Gov UK. Smell may seem a minor consideration, but should not be overlooked. Otters should not live in a domestic household, and a demand for pet otters helps drives illegal animal trade and decimate wild populations. Question: Could an otter, raised from a young pup, make a unique and workable therapy animal or visiting moral animal for elderly / disabled / children? They bite and they have glands to produce a vile smell , people get those removed , it’s cruel. If you like animals you can cuddle, ferrets are popular domesticated pets and can be a fine substitute for their larger and aquatic brown cousins. You may not realize that the otter is likely there only as a stop gap in a larger conservation effort. River otters do not make good pets … Are otters legal in New York? It depends on the state, but yes, it is likely illegal. It could benefit the scientific community as well since little is known about their behaviors. Remember when 101 Dalmations came out and everyone ran and got a Dalmation and thousands got dumped at animal shelters? Interestingly, however, otters can be legally obtained for private ownership. This article is very upfront and honest, however when reading the comments I was overwhelmed with all the ignorance. Japan Times. Melissa cares for a variety of exotic animals and has completed a certificate in veterinary assisting and a bachelor's degree in biology. Guess what, they are picked off by predators within 3 days. The local authority's regulations will need to be assessed before it could even be considered. Also, according to mink expert Joseph Carter, their bites can cause severe injury, although this is likely not worse than anything an otter bite can inflict. Asian Small-Clawed Otter Husbandry Manual. Question: Are otters illegal in western Australia? Source: Wikipedia. She’s advising you not, To. However, there are few countries which appear to favor having otters as pets. Question: Specifically what is required to own an otter in North Carolina and what type of otter(s) can you have? This species is not for beginners. I thank you for the info! I guess they'd much rather be coddled and have everything handed to them SMH. More information can be found by referring to the Asian Small-Clawed Otter Husbandry Manual. They deserve to be out in the world in environments which we do't interfere with.

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