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The previous bass fishing record had been standing since 1932 when George Perry caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth bass from Montgomery Lake in Georgia. On that morning, Easley was fishing Lake Casitas, California with a few buddies who were inexperienced anglers. Some people were skeptical of this world record because no pictures had been found, but in 2006 relatives of George Perry produced pictures of the world record fish. ". If that weight stands up it would shatter what is considered to be the granddaddy of angling records - the 221/4-pound largemouth bass taken in 1932 at Georgia's Montgomery Lake by George Washington Perry. Baab knows as much as anyone about the fish and the events of the day it was pulled from Montgomery Lake in Telfair County. That was the story at the home of Mac Weakley, who early this morning caught a mammoth largemouth on tiny Dixon Lake in southern California that he and his longtime fishing partners Mike Winn and Jed Dickerson weighed out at 25.1 pounds on a hand-held digital scale. Perry’s bass was caught out of Montgomery Lake in Georgia back on June 2nd, 1932 and weighed 22lbs and 4oz. Well, what do you expect when you notify the media that you boated a potential world-record bass? It's the Joe DiMaggio 56-game hitting streak of the angling world. That world record has held up for 8 decades! Perry spent his adult years in Brunswick, Ga., where he became a self-taught pilot and businessman. World Record Largemouth Bass. Baab isn’t sure. The person who e-mailed Baab the photo identified himself as a descendent of a man who was Perry’s companion the day the famous fish was landed. *Several anglers claimed to have seen Zimmerlee pull the dying bass from the water instead of actually catching it. I do remember striking, then raring back and trying to reel, but nothing budged," he said. Lucky Tackle Box (LTB) vs Mystery Tackle Box (MTB), Dr. Pepper Bottle With Largemouth Bass on Label. Perry’s bass remains the reigning world-record largemouth, although a Japanese angler, Manabu Kurita, landed a fish in Japan’s Lake Biwa in 2009 that was later certified as a tie with the Perry fish. The problem, many have said, is that it's hard to swallow the story of the 22-pound, 4-ounce fish without being able to see it. "I feel good, awesome, in fact," said Weakley, 32, of Carlsbad, Calif, who used a white jig with a skirt and rattle on 15-pound line to boat the brute. Review: Chasebaits MUDBUG – The Craw With Balls! The photo, likely taken near the post office and general store in Helena, Ga., was found by Waycross, Ga., resident Jerry Johnson while going through his late aunt's belongings. "People take pictures and put them in a family album and they're put on a shelf somewhere and nobody thinks about it anymore." A fishing legend in his own right, and the paper's outdoors writer since 1964, he wrote a 2009 book about Perry and the mythical fish that won praise from no less than former Georgia Gov. Baab is not sure whether the photo is legit or fake, but he would be the likely recipient of it. Baab knows plenty about Perry and his bass. Before anyone kept track of world records, the man on the right, Frederick "Fritz" Friebel, had the world record for largemouth bass. Bob caught his record bass using a live crayfish as bait. An old mystery took a tantalizing new turn last Sunday on the 81st anniversary of the day a young Georgia farmer landed what became the world-record largemouth bass. Many details remain unknown, however, including whether there were any photos that show Perry with his giant fish. Perry died in a plane crash in Alabama in 1974. It was not considered a new record because of problems with the way the fish was caught and documentation of the catch. However, the company's records contain no record of having used or published such a photo. It was a photo, grainy and stained, depicting a thin young man in overalls, smiling broadly and holding a mammoth bass. Bass Fishing Facts © 2020. Baab is sure the man in the photo is definitely Perry, but he could not say whether the fish he is holding is the 22-pounder or even if the photo has been doctored. "He is a true legend in the sport.". The email's unidentified sender claimed to be a descendent of a fishing buddy who was with Perry when he set the world record. She was caught by Mike Long two years earlier weighing 20.75 lbs. "I thought for sure I'd lost the fish, that he'd dived and hung me up. Location: Miramar Reservoir, California, USA. One, found in 2006, shows two unidentified people holding what appears to be Perry’s bass, though Perry himself is not in the photo. "It's simply because there are people who are out there who didn't think a bass can grow to more than 22.25 pounds," said James Hall, editor of Bassmaster magazine. "Once Lee got involved, he was able to dig up the history," Baab said, noting that Howard used genealogical records to connect the Johnson and Perry families and made several trips to Telfair County, where the fish was caught. Although Perry's record still stands, an even larger bass was caught in April 2006 in California, but the angler opted not to submit the fish as a new record because it was foul-hooked, contrary to state law. But the sender declined to answer further questions. Review: Chasebaits MUDBUG – The Craw With Balls! "You will also remember me sending you a photo of the 221/4-pound bass. Baab said he repeatedly tried to contact with the fellow, but after some initial correspondence, e-mails bounced back, saying the address did not exist. Manabu Kurita caught his largemouth on July 2nd, 2009 and actually weighed 22lbs and 5oz. She is one of the most popular bass to ever lived and widely considered to be the biggest. George W. Perry caught the 22-pound, four-ounce lunker on Montgomery Lake, in Telfair County, on June 2, 1932. "It's because of how elusive the record has been for so many years. If that weight stands up it would shatter what is considered to be the granddaddy of angling records — the 22¼-pound largemouth bass taken in 1932 at …

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