winged scapula test

Remember, the serratus anterior muscle attaches to the medial aspect of the scapula and attaches it to the rib cage. As discussed, when someone has a winged scapula you’ll notice that their shoulder blade seems to stick out more than it should. If the winged scapula is the result of nerve damage, it can cause weakness in the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and arms. Assessment & Analysis. Our assessments consisted of standing posture analysis, range of motion, and muscle strength and function tests. Epidemiology . This is known as a static diagnosis. neurologic injury; pathologic thoracic spine kyphosis ; periscapular muscle fatigue; poor throwing mechanics; secondary to pain (shoulder, neck) also known as SICK scapula . In some cases, you may even see the shoulder blade stick out of a person’s shirt. A Simple Test for Scapular Dyskinesis. One of the simplest assessments you can perform for scapular dyskinesis is watching the scapula move during shoulder flexion. A primary winged scapula is due to an injury to the nerve, changes in the bone of the scapula, or because of periscapular soft tissue abnormalities. demographics. It can further be accentuated dynamically when the patient is asked to place their hands on a wall and re-create a push-up position and motion. the scapula may translate medially or laterally along the posterior thoracic wall due to unopposed muscle contrac-tion of the other functioning scapular muscles, a distinction known as medial (serratus anterior paralysis) or lateral (trapezius or rhomboid paralysis) winging (Table 1). Winged Scapula Test. Scapulothoracic dyskinesis is a condition characterized by abnormal scapula motion leading to shoulder impingement and dysfunction causes are multifactorial including . A normal shoulder blade should be pushed up right against the back of the ribcage, however, with a winged scapula, it has become loosened from the rib cage. It can affect a person's ability to lift, pull, and push weighty objects. Scapula winging on the right. Performing visual assessment of the scapula during shoulder flexion has been shown to be a reliable and valid way to assess for abnormal scapular movement. Initial posture analysis in standing showed: Protraction of the left shoulder. Head tilted to the right. In rare conditions it has the potential to lead to limited functional activity in the upper extremity to which it is adjacent. Winged Scapula can easily be diagnosed through visual inspection of the scapula. Pictured above is our case study presenting with a minor case of winged scapula (right shoulder). This test was developed to help identify patients in which strength loss in shoulder elevation may be due to a loss of proximal stability of the scapula. The test is performed by asking the patient to retract both shoulder blades, and the examiner stabilizes the medial border of the scapula … A winged scapula (scapula alata) is a skeletal medical condition in which the shoulder blade protrudes from a person's back in an abnormal position. That weakness can make lifting, pulling, and …

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