why is community important essay

A community is established when more than two people share the same values and through time this personal connection evolves into a fellowship governed by rituals, traditions, and a particular form of communication that when taken together makes a group of individuals whether living in a specific geographical area or connected by ideals so distinct that their distinguishing marks allow them to … Hence, the lack of writing skill means missing out on a lot of information. It also causes depression in the minds of the individuals and makes them prone to physical illness. Being a sound part of a community, you should continuously learn more and more about yourself. In such situation community homes could do a whirl of good to remove boredom and add purpose to their lives. The state of Mississippi in America is a community. Essay on The Importance of Community. It discovers truthfulness. Not every people in the community area can involve actively in every activities. Hence, this point plays an important role in making it lively and vibrant. Shortly after this potluck, I realized how important a sense of community was in my life. The purpose of this discussion is to examine what it means to be a part of a community. The division of work, feeling of association, togetherness, and cooperation - all these help in establishing a healthy atmosphere filled with unity, harmony and friendship. Boon for old people: Old people love community living because it gives them the opportunity to interact with others. Regardless, knowing that there are, Community is very important and has many factors like kinship, unity, and identity. Pharmacology nursing essay. Involving yourself in community service makes you an active member of the community and you can help create an impact on your community and society at large. While the strict definition of family states family as being those people who are biologically related to you, in real life the term is much vaster than that. It also creates a great platform for our younger generations to learn valuable life lessons. Communities can be found everywhere and can be created anywhere. (ADD SOMETHING HERE). However, in today’s society, this perception of a community is practically nonexistent. Essay on Why Family is Important to Me – Essay 2 (300 words) Introduction. The feeling of association is a common human feeling. v. Community Cooperation and Responsibility Overall, there were feelings of comradery and trust hovering around neighborhoods. In a community, people live by associating with one another. Since people known each other, they do not require surveillance and even the crime rate is also low. Every third Saturday of the month the organization sets up breakfast for the homeless people around the Boston area. 1238 Words5 Pages. He likes to interact with fellow beings to share ideas and thoughts. This would be a replica of community self-help which was very helpful in the development of Ekiti traditional society by pooling efforts together during ploughing the land, weeding and harvesting, in building and roofing houses, in clearing market square and places of meetings. The main reason why community service very important is, it brings people together. Having a group of people with similar interests allows an individual to fully express himself, this could be sharing the greatest accomplishment you’ve achieved this semester or it could be weeping over lost loved ones. I decided to volunteer in the community service for two main reasons. A doctor, a caretaker, a Pharmacist, my mother, my brother, and sister are people of medicine who form part of this unique community, which has existed for ages. This group consisted of both women who were business owners in similar industries as well as others who work in completely different sectors. Sequences like children playing on the streets or adults conversing with each other over barbecue were considered a part of the norm. It helps you recognize what help the community needs, and what more you can do to help. As the children grow up, they become busy with the work and have less time for the parents. Personal bonding: Community living is the first step to eliminating unhealthy competition.

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