why do nurses hate social workers

The first purpose is to ensure that patients' welfare is protected. And sometimes it sucks and is hard and we wonder why we do it. Although women make up 90% of all nurses, they … And we get compensated very well for the relatively little education we have. We don’t have the education and knowledge doctors have. We aren’t heroes. But we aren’t angels. We are nurses. The job serves two main purposes. They do the hard work. And nursing is just our job. Social workers and nurses work daily in interprofessional teams to provide patients with complete and full care. The receiving country – in this case the U.S – benefits from the immigration of workers because they fill a labor demand at a lower cost than domestic workers. Medical social workers are responsible for integrating care with the patient’s personal life and support systems, arenas that do not fall under the expertise of doctors. However, because nurses have left the country in such high numbers, the Philippines has lost social capital and wasted investment in its citizens. Even when they do get access to senior positions, they are disproportionately taken up by male nurses. Both social workers and nurses are employed in a wide range of similar settings, including hospitals and other health care settings, schools, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. And then we have a really rewarding moment with a patient that reminds us why. The role of hospital social workers is to evaluate patients, determine their needs, and put together an action plan to make sure that those needs are being met efficiently.

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