who is in the new sonic commercial

Sonic Commercial reviews: Terrible commercials. Synopsis: Sonic Drive-In is looking for a real life bilingual family to be the new face of its commercials. We're on a National SONIC COMMERCIAL!!!! Please stop the kid that is hyper and irritating and the girls trust just appear to be stupid. Maybe we should start a new thread: Which new Sonic commercial is the worst? The latest Sonic commercial was released in early 2013. Commercials. Commercials suck. Airing Now!! It features two guys in the back of their car, whispering, trying to avoid one of their wives. The market segment that Sonic Drive-In commercials are mainly targeting are people in the South where Sonic is located. ‍聆 ‍聆 ‍聆 I hate all of the new sonic commercials. Their ad agency needs to be fired. Bring back the two guys please. Horrible commercials. How did they sell the idea that potential customers would identify with any of these awful people sitting in their cars; they all look like they're trying out for a reality show. We LOVE Sonic Drive-In and are so thankful to be a part!!!! Stupid commercial.

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