white phlegm after quitting smoking

Phlegm production in plain cigarette smokers who changed to filter cigarettes or quit smoking. Lange P(1), Groth S, Nyboe J, Mortensen J, Appleyard M, Schnohr P, Jensen G. Author information: (1)Medical Department B, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. Anyone here experienced the same? When you stop smoking, the cilia start to work properly again and so you may experience more coughing and phlegm. It almost always happens after eating. This because quitting smoking involves the unpleasantness of breaking a physical addiction, while also trying to overcome the mental routine and habits that are a part of smoking. Non-smokers who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke suffer from these same effects, according to the UPMC. I recently bought an ecig and been trying to switch to it from cigs. Nathan Lost For Words. I'm roughly 5 months quit. The quit smoking cough can continue for a few months after you stop smoking. Joined: Apr 11, 2009 Messages: 4,352 Likes Received: 3,476 #1 Nathan, Mar 23, 2014. Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Mar 23, 2014. Is it normal, or usual for a heavy marijuana smoker (numerous times daily for 6+ years), to be coughing up clear phlegm with dark gray/brown globular matter encased in it, mainly in the mornings and randomly in small amounts throughout the day? Quitting smoking and coughing up yellow phlegm? The speed at which they heal all depends on how long you smoked and how much damage is present. Your phlegm should mostly be clear in a short time, however it’s perfectly normal to have bouts of mild coughing where you produce phlegm that is slightly grey coloured or has grey streaks in it. Smoking paralyses the tiny hairs, or cilia, which line your windpipe and helps to clear dirt and mucus out of your lungs. The side effects of quitting smoking are unpleasant, but thankfully short term. I've been doing pretty good so far, yesterday I had only a few puffs from a friends cigarette and today I had … For most people, the coughing lasts only a month or two after quitting smoking. What If You Don’t Cough After Quitting Smoking? For some, though, it may last as long as 9 months. Dark gray/brown matter in clear phlegm from marijuana smoking richdoe. Smoking Cessation, a stop-smoking website, states that smokers tend to cough in the morning because their cilia are very active in the morning. Their efforts to clear out accumulated phlegm causes coughing. The color gets lighter and lighter as time goes, now it's a bit of light green but it was dark when I had just quit. In the beginning, the cough can be dry. And every now and then I still experience sticky mucus on my throat that I have to cough out. It's not easy to quit smoking, but not knowing the side effects can make it seem almost impossible. Later on, you may start coughing up phlegm. After quitting smoking, your lungs begin to slowly heal and regenerate.

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