what to do with cranberry chutney

Reply, DAVID….Recently you posted a recipe from “The Vineyard Kitchen”…or perhaps I just found it while rolling through some of your older posts, for an “APPLE SPICE CAKE.” It sounds exactly like an Apple Cake that my dear French Great-Grandmother [who lived to be 100 incidentally] used to make and I want to make it for Thanksgiving…You said it required a 12 cup BUNDT Pan…and well, I have tube pans for Angel Food Cake but no Bundt Pan…soooo, I am ready to make another “Batterie de Cuisine” purchase…[enough to fill a storage unit now…] but I want to know…which would YOU recommend…a NON Stick BUNDT Pan or just a regular one??? In autumn, black bears are fattening up for the winter. However next time I’m headed out of town, I’m going to make sure my freezer is tightly sealed, because I’d be a bummer to lose those. Over the serving bowl I sprinkled chopped pistachios and will take some separately to do the same at Thanksgiving. Serving: Serve with turkey (at Thanksgiving or another holiday), or with poultry, pork, roasted vegetables, or even cheese. This recipe is from Delia's Happy Christmas. With Crackers and Breads Chutney has been traditionally used with Indian breads like roti, puri, naan, paratha, etc. Well, I did. Reply. It is somewhat spicy, made from cranberries, tart apples, onions, a little sugar, vinegar, a hot thai chile, ginger, curry powder, etc. Luckily, my primeur @ my local marché can pick them up for me @ Rungis. Thank you for posting! 5 and 6 days with no power. Agave-Sweetened Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe, Holiday Gift Guide: Bringing France to You and Others, Coping with Confinement: My Lockdown Strategies, National Center for Home Food Preservation, USDA guidelines for canning cranberry sauce. Very similar to yours above, but it includes a chopped onion, a chopped orange (including the peel) and 1/4 cup bourbon or scotch. Reply, Candied ginger works really well in this – go for it! Reply, In the week since this post I have made 30 jars of cranberry chutney. Gather the ingredients. We removed the freezer and replaced it with one that would fit in the house as bears have wonderful memories and I am sure this bear would remember his lucky haul!! All the leftover sauce is so good baked on top of a shortbread crust with a crumble topping for the best post-Thanksgiving dessert! I am in Uzès and cannot find fresh cranberries! I’m going to gift some too. I will never need another recipe for a cranberry condiment. Chutney combined with cream cheese makes for a yummy appetizer dip. Thanks. Reply. Some things I knew had to go – like sausages, stock, and a rather moldy half-eaten tomato tart, that I was sure could be reheated when I returned from my travels. Here is the south where power outages are somewhat common from storms, we have all learned to put a quarter on top of a frozen cup of water in our freezers. I am planning a small Thanksgiving-like meal here :) Reply, You can get frozen airelles (lingonberries) at Picard stores in France which are similar but not quite as tart as cranberries. Yum! (Which I’m sure will get filled, again, soon…) Reply, Leftover cranberry chutney made some of the best muffins ever! I am tired of my old cranberry sauce recipe and was looking for a new one. A super-fruity chutney, which goes perfectly with poultry. I live in Napa County California. I have a 25% OFF coupon for Williams&Sonoma so perhaps I will splurge!!! Reply, I would love to make this recipe with persimmons —- since I have a bucket full of them. Reply, Where do you find cranberries in Paris?! Hate to toss them in garbage can I also had dried cherries, dates and crystallized ginger in my pantry. So thanks for not only your cranberry post today, but also for educating me about quince. goodies for the pantry. Next time something with a bit more punch. The cranberries c Do you remember Narsai David from the Bay Area? Cranberry Jelly Bring 4 cups cranberries, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons … Came home from a vacation and the freezer (in the garage) had quick working a day or two before. I've love to use it up in a baked item. I just made this recipe and it is insanely delicious! Would appreciate your thoughts! Small item for a terrific recipe. Thanks David for a very creative and delicious recipe. Too much local produce to be enjoyed all winter to take a chance! I was surprised to see all these empty wrappers in our driveway in the morning and then shocked when I looked in the freezer and saw one bag of thawed brusselsprouts and a bag of rhubarb. I’m not as concerned about the kitchen one, but the garage ones contain all my processed home-grown produce and homemade goodies. Reply. My power was out 4 days last month and had to do the same thing with my freezer. (If do not think anything happens to them). I like the addition of all the dried fruit in your cranberry sauce. Reply, I’m always looking for fresh cranberry sources here in Paris. I’ve always made his cranberry chutney recipe. This is a healthier remake of an old family favorite recipe for Cranberry Chutney. We had a similar experience when we returned home and found our 15 cubic foot CHEST freezer had crapped out while we were on vacation. I think you helped me figure out what to bring to Thanksgiving. So, I made the chutney the day you originally posted the recipe. More people seem to have bundt pan nowadays, so that’s what recipes often call for. Reply, Oh my! I also added the whiskey. This slightly tart chutney is delightful with a combination of dried fruit, apples, warm spices and the addition of pineapple for sweetness. Reply, David, I always use Ina Garten cranberry relish recipe, which is similar to this. We have been power shut offs from PG&E in order to avoid more wildfire – although we still have had some terrible ones last month. Instructions Add all ingredients in a large saucepan. How to eat Cranberry Chutney cranberry chutney pairs perfectly with a holiday turkey or ham. Fantastic! That recipe looks delish! I have a bag ready for a French-American friend in Paris, who loves cranberries. I will be making it today! Ugh. Well, we all have our food-war stories. Reply. Reply, We have 3 freezers in our home plus 2 fridges. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until the cranberries pop and begin to break down and release their juices, and the apple pieces are cooked through. But I also had several precious bags of cranberries that I’d stashed away for Thanksgiving and while they weren’t completely defrosted, I didn’t want to (or know if I could) refreeze them, so I decided to make chutney…and a whole lotta it. For the fruit, I used candied ginger, golden raisins and dried tart cherries. Thanks Reply, You can plump them and make Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding! Reply, Happy you like it & glad you’ve found a new favorite cranberry sauce : ) Reply, This was a brilliant melange of flavors and a perfect way to clean out two bags of last year’s frozen cranberries and lots of hard dried fruit.

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