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same as Parker. In fact, over the past decade or so, it’s likely that most guitarists that have bought an N4 don’t even know Nuno from their nana. While the N4 models are a culmination of Washburn’s many years of refining a brilliant model, the 4N is a custom replica of what many consider to be the definitive Davies N4, right down to the wear on Nuno’s own 4N. Nuno's N4 is still there, and we've done some great products with Paul Stanley, but the basic line was fading away." You´ll either love it or you won´t, but the vibe of this instrument, and more importantly the performance, is truly staggering. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The Stephen’s Extended Cutaway provides completely unobstructed access to the uppermost regions of the 22-fret fingerboard. Even so, it is amazing that Washburn could build such a quality guitar for so cheap. Here are the top Epiphone deals from Black Friday 2020, These Limited Edition Fender Player Stratocasters are on sale for just $599. Please refresh the page and try again. Yamaha’s FG800 is one of our favorite beginner acoustics. Always Enabled . Why five bolts and not 4? Our Verdict. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. It really is an absolutely wonderful instrument to play. It makes the grade in all important aspects (intonation, neck, tuners, … It's why I never bought a backup N4, they didn't compare. Washburn N4 ESA - Audiofanzine FR's review 12/06/08 (Originally written by Endrix/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I bought this guitar in a store because the shop assistant convinced me to buy it. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The resultant model, the N4, was released in December 1990 and offered such idiosyncrasies as a through-mounted Bill Lawrence bridge pickup, a single volume pot secured by an inch-long screw and, most notable of all, a somewhat garish prismatic sticker. The tone is equally killer, with the L500XL delivering brilliant treble and presence and the Duncan ’59 producing a fat, warm growl. There's a Duncan SH-1 '59 'bucker in the neck position and, in the continuing spirit of total authenticity, the single volume knob is fixed firmly to the pot by a two centimetre crosshead rather than the traditional grub screw. Why five bolts and not 4? The ageing itself, as ever shrouded in mystery with Washburn refusing to spill even a single haricot, has been applied very well indeed and it's worth mentioning that the company hasn't included any fake dings or dents into any of the wood as part of the process. Shares. While the new N4 Authentic is an exact replica of Bettencourt’s main N4 guitar, it’s certain to appeal as much to guitarists who want a stripped-down, high-performance instrument with a comfortable broken-in feel as it does to the most die-hard Extreme fan. You will receive a verification email shortly. Close. Sep 12, 2010; mystixboi1 Kick Henry Jackassowski. “Mismatched” Gotoh and Grover tuners, the EVH D-Tuna, and Seymour Duncan ’59 and Bill Lawrence USA L500XL pickups match those on Nuno Bettencourt’s personal N4. THE BOTTOM LINE If you’re looking for a high-performance hot rod of a guitar that feels as comfortable and broken-in as your favorite well-worn and much-loved ax, the N4 Authentic is the guitar for you. The price. By Chris Gill, Video by Paul Riario 16 January 2015. You will receive a verification email shortly. As an ever-reliable method of squeezing as much tone as possible from any solidbody guitar, the Bill Lawrence L-500 in the bridge is secured not only to the body top via the surround but also by a pair of screws all the way through to the rear: now that's what we call an intimate join. I Agree. Once the differences are noted, it becomes a matter of taste, whether the N4 or 4N is the right model to choose. Washburn Parallaxe PXS20FRTBB review Shred-friendly electric £829; By Simon Bradley 07 November 2013. Thanks to the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, intonation across the entire neck is dead-on accurate. Shares. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Please refresh the page and try again. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The vibe is palpable. Washburn N4 ESA - Audiofanzine FR's review 12/06/08 (Originally written by Endrix/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I bought this guitar in a store because the shop assistant convinced me to buy it. make gibsons look silly. Controls consist of a single volume knob and a three-position pickup selector switch. The neck is out of this world. The standard N4 is awesome, the paduak N4 is awesome and has a great dark sound and the vintage is a supreme guitar of the highest quality and playability. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Notable features not found on normal N4 models include “mismatched” tuners (four mini Gotoh for the D, G, B and high E strings, a Grover 18-1 for the A string, and a different Gotoh tuner for the low E string) and an EVH D-Tuna with its own routed body channel.

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