wölffer rosé case

Wölffer Estate Vineyard In New York Has Its Very Own Rosé Drive-Thru. Wölffer Rosé in Vogue Magazine Vogue Magazine looks at Rosé's rise to fame and how Wölffer Estate has an approach to Rosé that is rooted in tradition, not hype—something made more interesting by the fact that we are perched smack-dab in the middle of the Hamptons, the epicenter of the Rosé bubble. “We started with 4,000 cases,” says Roth, “and now we’re up to 130,000.” The winery produces red, white, and rosé ciders, but Roth estimates that 80 percent of its production is rosé cider. It has been an integral part of so many of our special summertime celebrations. Making sure the house or apartment is stocked with wine this time of year is a natural instinct for many New Yorkers. When I first started drinking rosé, I was a total snob about it and only wanted to drink rosés from Provence. 97,103 were here. So, of course, we are beyond excited at their new #SummerSomeplace campaign to launch Finca Wölffer Rosé 2017. I wasn’t so much a snob about it as much as I was a ding dong. There were 17,500 cases of 2013 Wölffer Rosé produced—an increase over the previous year—and the vineyard sold out before Labor Day weekend was over. Some rose winemakers are also experimenting with rosé-adjacent products. Our love affair with Wölffer has been well documented, especially when it comes enjoying to their Wölffer Rosé offerings during the summer months. Ten years later, the estate now produces nearly 20 times that amount. The Wölffer Estate Rosé Table Wine is the most phenomenal rosé MINE LIPS HATH EVER TASTED, and there’s not even a close second. Wölffer Rosé Drive-Thru in Wine Spectator "The lemonade stand, staple business model of preteen entrepreneurship, has grown up," reads Wine Spectator. A sustainable vineyard in the heart of the Hamptons. There’s a reason this rosé is a perennial favorite: its light, peach-pear notes make it a perfect companion for brunch, dinner, snacks, second dinner, whatever. Wölffer launched its rosé cider in 2012. The Wölffer Estate Rosé had a smooth, sweet – but not too sweet – taste, and it went down really well. “For a boutique winery, it’s a good number, that’s for sure,” Roth said. "Right in the heart of the season for that other cool, refreshing, pleasantly zippy beverage, Rosé, Long Island’s Wölffer Estate Vineyard has set up a roadside drive-thru wine stand to dispense Wölffer rosé by the case, in Sagaponack, N.Y." When Christian Wölffer passed away in 2008, the winery was producing around 4,000 cases of rosé per year. Roth expects the 2014 rosé will be released by the end of March 2015 or the beginning of April.

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