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It’s usually fortified with extra vitamins, which is another bonus. Gently fry for about 10 minutes on medium high heat. Because, texture texture texture! Not only that, it can help prevent B12 deficiency among vegans as it’s so rich in many B vitamins. Cover with a lid … Modified: Jun 19, 2020 by Tajda Ferko. A tasty, yet guilt free, low calorie meal that will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied. Nooch is a complete protein, a great source of B vitamins and trace minerals. But I assure you, the topping isn’t necessary in order to enjoy this amazing, healthy soup. Only cruelty-free recipes on this website, forever and ever. Warm up with delicious broccoli potato soup. I’ll be sure to help you out in case you get stuck! After experimenting a few times with this soup I came to the conclusion that there is no need to soak the cashews in advance. Print. Peluci is the taste tester in chief! You might now know that broccoli can be eaten raw and is also richer in protein that most other veggies. In addition, it’s gluten free, dairy free, perfect for meal prep and weeknight dinners. Cover, bring to boil and then reduce heat to medium and cook until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes. Discover the story behind my blog! This will give you an idea of the nutritional profile and is just another proof why this is the best vegan soup for colds! easy plant based vegan recipes featuring whole foods and a pure plant based lifestyle - the Veggie Society, September 7, 2018 By florentina 24 Comments. Welcome to the club. Want to make this gorgeous soup? Your vegan broccoli potato soup is. Never shy away from adding plenty of garlic to your food. Broccoli Potato Soup is low in fat and has all the rich creaminess of your favorite comfort soup. Potato Tomato Soup is a great red one that you might like to try too. Hands up if you’re a fellow garlic lover? It’s: This is definitely the time to bring out your powerful blender, totally worth the clean up as the silky texture you’ll achieve is pure perfection. Transfer the soup to a powerful mixer and carefully purée until silky smooth. This is a super easy recipe that also makes fabulous leftovers. Wonder what type of vitamins you’ll be getting in? Broccoli-Potato Soup [Vegan, Crockpot-Friendly] 5 from 2 votes. In a large stockpot, heat the olive oil over medium heat and cook the onions and garlic until tender, … No need to soak the cashews in advance, the boiling process will get them perfectly soft to be blended in the creamiest of soups. There are tons of great vegan recipes with broccoli out there and that comes as no surprise. ~ Florentina Xo’s, Filed Under: Broccoli, Gluten Free, Plant-Based, Plantricious, Potato, Soups & Stews, Vegan Recipes, Hi, I'm Florentina! Disclaimer: It’s super duper easy. Required fields are marked *. Peluci is our COO and taste tester in chief! It’s Like Broccoli Cheese Soup & Potato Soup Got Married! Add potatoes, water and bouillon cubes. Here we go! Stir in the nutritional yeast, cover with a lid and cook 20 minutes or until the potatoes and cashews have softened. Best Vegan Creamy Broccoli Soup You’ll feel so good indulging in this healthy delicious & nutritious whole-food plant-based creamy soup. Take good care not to overcook it, 3 to 5 minutes should yield that perfect al dente texture. When I stepped outside the house early this morning I could literally smell it in the air: soup season has just arrived. Made my protein balls with dates? This creamy vegan broccoli potato soup is healthy, quick, and so easy to make. Your email address will not be published. If you're a soup-year-round kind of person, this also works for folks who are lucky enough to have air conditioning! My recipes are easy to make, affordable and always vegan. I’ve also experimented making this potato soup with a mix of cauliflower florets and tough it was good this version is the best. Let’s move on to the cooking process. Once melted, add your diced vegetables and reduce heat to low, cooking about 10 minutes until fragrant and soft. So happy you found my blog! If you want to use up some cauliflower just make this amazing lemony, P.S. You’ll want to stir it quite frequently to prevent … Cheesy, rich and comforting but there’s no cheese in sight, it’s plant based vegan silly rabbit. As always, if you have any trouble making my vegan shortbread biscuits, simply comment down below or message me directly on Instagram. Alternatively you can steam the broccoli separately while your soup is cooking. Last but not least, it’s rich in antioxidants. The bottom line? Add the sea salt, pepper flakes, celery and carrots and give everything a nice toss. Pin. Vegan Pumpkin Rolls With Orange & Cinnamon, Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes, That’s it! For more delicious healthy vegan recipes like this, make sure to check out my: This just about wraps up my creamy vegan potato soup post! It’s low in carbs and contains a huge variety of minerals and vitamins. This is what you’ll need to put down on your groceries shopping list: Apart from the optional toppings, all these ingredients should be easy to find and totally affordable! Keywords: broccoli potato soup, vegan potato broccoli soup. Broccoli and Potato Soup, plant based, potato soup, vegan. This creamy Vegan Broccoli Potato Soup recipe is what dreams are made of. I also top my vegan creamy broccoli soup with a copious amount of crackers. Not quite settled In yet but it’s definitely here unpacking. Gluten-free and oil-free, comfort food just doesn’t get much better than this. I adapted the original recipe to yield a larger batch as the only complaint about this soup has been that the portions were too small and people didn't have any leftovers. I'm Tajda (pronounced thai-dah) and I'm here to take you on a delicious plant based journey! In a large stock pot saute onion in butter. This comes as no news to anyone that knows me, but I’m a huge potato lover. Subscribe to my newsletter and get 90 printable vegan meal ideas! Vegan broccoli potato soup that’s not only plant based, but also gluten free. We are huge soup eaters during the cold winter months. Note: For the crispy potatoes on top as well for extra texture, measure out 2 cups extra of chopped … Transfer the creamy soup back to the pot and bring to a simmer again. So make sure to dust off that heavy bottom stock pot and park it on the stove up until spring. This is the perfect choice for all happy, healthy vegans out there. I'm the voice behind the easy Plant-Based recipes here at the Veggie Society. Add the garlic, potatoes, cashews and vegetable stock and bring everything to a simmer. Pure magic! Let’s have a good look at all our star ingredients. P.S. Cover with a lid and sweat a few more minutes until the carrots begin to soften. Feel free to use leeks in place of the onions for the ultimate. I love homemade soups because they are filling, satisfying and warming so this vegan broccoli potato soup is a favorite. Adding a little bit of crunch is something I do with many of the things that I eat, whether it’s a few chopped peanuts, breadcrumbs, crackers, or crispy fresh vegetables. From red to white - the whole gamut is covered. Before we jump straight in with the recipe - if you’re enjoying this recipe or my food photography, subscribe to my newsletter below and instantly receive printable 90 Vegan Meal Ideas straight to your inbox! You want the potatoes small to dramatically reduce the boil time Cut broccoli into small florets … Blender Gluten-Free Less than 30 Minutes Oil-Free Recipes Soups and Stews Sugar-Free. Did you make this recipe? Your email address will not be published. Problem solved. Jump to Recipe. Add the broccoli florets, cover with a lid and cook a few more minutes until the broccoli is softened to your liking. Chunks of potato, carrot, broccoli and white beans together with a rich and creamy broth. Hearty Italian White Bean Basil Soup; Easy 1 Pot Creamy Curry Rice Soup; Sweet Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup; Creamy Sweet Potato Soup; Hearty Veggie Potato Stew; Healthy Potato Carrot Tomato Soup If you make this recipe, be sure to leave feedback below and …

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