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How should I maintain a diamond wheel?Always lower the water trough in between sharpenings to prevent discolouring. DF-250 Diamond Wheel FineThe ultimate all round wheel combining efficient steel removal with smooth surface finish. Hanging Storage Cabinet sides accept hooks for hanging additional stones, etc. Blackstone Silicon (220–1000 grit)Developed for shaping and sharpening HSS and other exotic alloyed steels. Diamond is the world’s hardest material and CBN the second hardest. "background": "#fff", } Please note that we cannot guarantee any results if you use our grinding wheels on a machine produced by another manufacture. "dismiss": 'Ok, got it! At first usage, you should expect to feel and hear that some diamond grits stand out, which makes the wheel more aggressive. window.addEventListener("load", function () { Lower the water trough when you finish sharpening to let the diamond wheel drain. After a short break-in period, the diamond crystals will stabilize to a uniform level. Combines efficient steel removal with smooth surface finish. Tormek TS-740 - Sharpening Station Stand. By continuing, you agree that you are happy for us to use these cookies. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t, s) Aren’t diamond and CBN the same thing?No, they are two different materials. Go to the overview page for Tormeks’s grinding wheels. Special Order. High Quality Drawers Auto-return drawer mechanisms for soft closure. Before you decide which grinding wheel to choose, start thinking about your future sharpening needs. For those who appreciate a true mirror finish, we have the Tormek Japanese Waterstone with 4000 grits. Please note that you shouldn’t sharpen on the outside of our grindstones, as they cannot be trued flat again. Order now for shipment in late November 2020, Sturdy Steel Cabinet with scratch-resistant powder coating. Tormek Sharpening Station is the ultimate home for your T-8, T-7, T-4 or older Tormek machine. steel, HSS, ceramics and carbide. Use less water in the water trough when sharpening with diamond compared to when sharpening with grindstones. Cabinet measures 21-1/4" wide x 14" deep. "domain": "", }); Are you looking for the finest surface finish? We also offer Tormek Blackstone Silicon 220 grit, especially developed to shape and sharpen HSS and other exotic alloyed steels. //"background": "#ffe600" }, if (local !== 'True') { It is therefore recommended to use less water in the water trough when sharpening with the Tormek Diamond Wheels. Are diamond wheels better than grindstones? Thanks to Tormek’s low rotation speed, diamond wheels can be used for grinding steel. We recommend to always sharpen with water, since it prolongs the life of the diamond wheel. "position": "bottom", }(window, document, 'script', "message": 'We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience possible on our website. Grindstones and diamond wheels both have their strong advantages. Japanese Waterstone (4000 grit)Provides excellent surface finish where a minimum of steel removal is needed. The stand is designed to complement the Tormek sharpening machines (bought separately) so you can sharpen quickly and conveniently. "popup": { "href": '/usa/en/privacy-policy-cookies/' Grit 1200. DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra FineLeaves an extra fine finish and is especially suitable for sharpening carving tools and knives when the need for steel removal is minimal. The stand is designed to complement the Tormek sharpening machines (bought separately) so you can sharpen quickly and conveniently. var local = 'False'; The Tormek Diamond Wheels also have a layer of diamond on the side, which enables side sharpening with the Multi Base MB-100 for a fully flat sharpening surface. Ask your admin to update your browser if you cannot install updates yourself. Sharpening with a low rotating speed is always beneficial. You can sharpen dry as well, but we always recommend using water. Based on this all-important observation, Tormek designed the Sharpening Station TS-740 where you will always have the perfect working position, adjustable to your height. Will you sharpen a range of tools with different angles? The Sharpening Station sits lower than most workbenches so you can sharpen in the optimum body position - with your shoulders relaxed and your arms about waist high. You will get a mirror finish. Do you want several features in one grinding wheel? Especially suited for carving tools and knives. }); Tormek Original Grindstone (220–1000 grit)For sharpening of all types of edge tools. Tough Work Surface Hard moisture proof composite work surface. Diamond is the world’s hardest material and functions optimally with our machine’s low wheel rotation speed. //"background": "#ffe600" "button": { Is always recommended for beginners, as you get a flexible stone with two cutting features. The high speed generates heat, which would break down the diamond grits. "container": document.getElementById('cookieConsentArea') fbq('track', 'PageView'); It is also good to let the diamond wheel drain after use. Their structure resembles of each other, but diamond cannot be used at too high temperatures as the diamond grits will be broken down. Remember to always use a lower sharpening pressure than you do when sharpening with a grindstone.If you are unsure, begin with a lower sharpening pressure and gradually increase. Therefore, always use the ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate in the water when sharpening with water to prevent rust on the grinding wheel. Diamond Wheel Extra Fine (1200 grit)Provides an extra fine surface finish. Does the Diamond Wheel Extra Fine provide a finer surface compared to the Japanese Waterstone?These grinding wheels have 1200 and 4000 grits respectively. Temporarily out of stock. n.queue = []; t = b.createElement(e); t.async = !0; With the drawers designed to fit the Tormek accessory kits, your favourite jigs and accessories is always at hand and everything has its place. As long as there is water in the water trough, the concentrate retains its characteristics. Developed to combine efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and long life. Read more on our diamond wheels and grindstones and find the right grinding wheel for you. window.addEventListener("load", function () { The diamond layer on the outside allows for a completely flat grinding surface when used in conjunction with the Multi Base MB-100. No heat is generated and there is no risk of overheating your tools. ''); !function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) { ', "dismiss": 'Ok, got it! New diamond wheels are sensitive to high pressure since the grits are very sharp, therefore, sharpen with a very low pressure in the beginning. "palette": { Add 10 ml of concentrate to 250 ml water (~4 %). //"type": "opt-out", "background": "#fff", The diamond ‘s characteristics provide a high and constant abrasive power and a wheel that always has a full-size diameter which remains flat. With Tormek’s Diamond Wheels, you can sharpen all types of material, incl. "palette": { If you can't change your browser because of compatibility issues, think about installing a second browser for browsing and keep the old one for compatibility. You will achieve a fine result, no matter which grinding wheel you choose, but the Japanese Waterstone gives a higher finish. I have been using my Tormek Diamond Wheel for a while and don’t think it is as aggressive now as it used to be, is this normal?Yes, after a short break-in period, the diamond wheel will achieve its designed characteristics. Do I have to use water when sharpening with Tormek’s Diamond Wheels?

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