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Learn how your comment data is processed. 25 of the best finger food ideas and recipes, perfect for baby led weaning and toddlers too! Breakfast for dinner happens about once a week here. When my oldest (who is now 6) was a toddler, I took SO many photos of his toddler food. Sweet Potato Waffles for Baby & Toddler. I'm a food writer and cookbook author and I'm always looking for new ways to make food fun and interesting for kids! Your email address will not be published. Rainbow Peppers + Feta Quiche for Toddler, Peach Summer Fruit Salad for Toddlers with Mint + Honey Dressing, Spiced Blender Pancakes for Baby + Toddler, Butternut Squash ‘Mac and Cheese’ for Toddler, 3 Fall Blender Muffins for Baby + Toddler (Gluten and Refined-Sugar Free), Mini Chicken + Carrot Meatballs for Baby + Toddlers, Roasted Root Vegetables for Baby + Toddler. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So many gorgeous recipes to choose from. My son really likes to pick up different things, mix them and check new flavours. Ideas from this site are also greate Serve it with yogurt or milk for breakfast, or take it along for a tasty snack on the go. Tomato + Mozzarella + Olives + Basil Toddler … Even more than cooking is growing food. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve uttered the words “oh, just use your fingers!” during a mealtime with my small person! Copyright © 2020 Baby-Foode | Privacy Policy, 5-Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Food Puree ». 3 Fall Blender Muffins for Baby + Toddler, Toddler Breakfast Oat Cups – 4 Tasty Ways,, I specialise in fussy eating and share tips and tricks to get your kids eating better along with lots of family friendly recipes. Consider your child’s eating abilities and … It's impossible to predict what your 2-year-old will want for breakfast each morning, which is why granola can be a great option. Mini Banana & Egg Muffins for Baby Weaning, Sugar Free Flapjacks for Baby Led Weaning, Savory Lentil “Cupcakes” with Butternut Squash, Healthy Blueberry & Banana Pancake Muffins, 25 of the Best Festive Finger Foods for the Christmas…, Making your own baby porridge or baby oatmeal is super…, My top tips for feeding toddlers and how to encourage…, Filed Under: Baby Foods & Weaning, Tips & Tricks for Fussy Eaters Tagged With: baby, baby food, baby led weaning, finger food, Finger foods, healthy, snacks, toddler, weaning. Required fields are marked *. Avocados have the highest protein content of any fruit, and they're rich in … So while their gumption is there, they still might not be ready to eat full sizes of kids and grown up foods yet. Challenged when feeding your 2-year old? In fact, one of the questions I always get from my readers is, ‘what the heck do I feed my 1-2 year old’? (Originally published October 2016) Hi Friends! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Amongst all the other useful stuff we are expected to teach our small people, using a knife, fork or even spoon sometimes feels like a near impossible task, especially when it seems to add what feels like an extra hour on to a mealtime which can already be a really stressful time without the introduction of tools to do the job! Rainbow Omelette Cakes Recipe. Say no to ready meals and only carrot puree , came for recipes and got even more thanks Alex for great links. Want even MORE finger food inspiration, then check out my books Little Foodie and Whole Food Baby! Check out how simple and easy a sample day of meals for a 2-year-old can be! In the pictures you might see that some of the foods might look too big for what age your toddler is, but just know that you can just cut up or scale down anything in these recipes to accommodate your toddlers food size range. Realistic meal ideas for easy meals for one year old Even as an adult though, there is something very satisfying about “finger food” (perhaps it’s the reduction of washing up! Read More…, Copyright © 2019 CIARA ATTWELL // MY FUSSY EATER, Tips for Feeding Toddlers - How to encourage them to try new foods. Delicious and easy to make, these recipes will help you feed your toddler nutritious meals and snacks all day long. At first I was a bit confused how to start, but I read Susan Urban guide and then just searched for some recipes and ideas. Here are some healthy recipes for toddlers: Cornbread + Spanish Rice + Mexican Chicken Skillet Peaches + Sheet Pan Pork Chops w/ Sweet Potatoes & Apples Sweet Potato + Tortellini +Apples … Let your toddler help by: • Looking for and gathering the ingredients. Soft scrambled eggs and toast … ), so in this vein, I have been looking around for the best finger foods for babies and toddlers and here are my Top 25! Your kid’s favorite food is chicken nuggets (and fine, you’ve been known to steal a... 2. You’ll be surprised at how much it affects what kids want to try. Your email address will not be published. ½ cup nonfat or low-fat milk. While I want to tell you to just feed your toddler the exact same meals that you are eating, because that is the motto that I live by now that my girls are bigger, depending on how old your toddler is that isn’t always possible. Avocados. ½ apple (sliced), 3 prunes, 1⁄3 cup grapes (cut up), or ½ orange. 27 Toddler Dinner Ideas Your Picky Eater Might Actually Try 1. It is great that we can give our toddlers a finger foods. That can make it hard for you to come up with foods that are small enough for them to eat yet are still packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies need. Tomato + Mozzarella + Olives + Basil Toddler Snack, Toddler Breakfast Oat Cups – 4 Tasty Ways (Gluten and Refined-Sugar Free), Blackberry + Cucumber + Melon Toddler Finger Salad, Avocado + Blueberry Yummy Toddler Muffins, Beets + Orange + Mint Toddler Finger Food, Toddler Tofu Sticks + Peanut Dipping Sauce, Thanks for another briliant ideas! As your child continues to develop his or her feeding skills, encourage new foods … A kids and family food blog full of healthy and easy recipes for fussy eaters, May 11, 2017 by Ciara Attwell, Updated November 13, 2020. Want even MORE finger food inspiration, then check out my books Little Foodie and Whole Food Baby!

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