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Lastly, users’ location, language preference, and device type also play a role as these optimize the watching experience. © 2020 Hootsuite Inc. All Rights Reserved. So always find relatable hashtags that will help people discover your content and inform the TikTok algorithm what your video and your profile is all about! This timing could be 48-hours after posting or up to weeks later, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it! Like here: Thank you so much for the advice! Previously, we could only make assumptions that the For You page appeared to be a curated feed, pulling videos that are related to your profile, location, and similar to videos you’ve already liked and engaged with. with content that was posted closest to them. ♬ Body – Dirtcaps Remix – Loud Luxury feat. Positive user response to a video tells the algorithm to show the video to more consumers, helping it get the exposure it deserves. The TikTok algorithm is mysterious, powerful, and frustrating. TikTok lets its users know how many views each hashtag gains. It seems to be because the number of completed views has a lot of weight in the algorithm. Here’s how you can find trending music (and save music for later): To find new, trending, and popular sounds on TikTok, you’ll need to go into TikTok’s video editor. How? Ultimately, those were all darts thrown in the dark. 11 tips for working with the TikTok algorithm 1. ”, – Lindsay Ashcraft, Social Media Coordinator at Later. But others have noted 1-2 posts a day is the sweet spot. How many of did you guess correctly? And according to TikTok, your feed isn’t only shaped by your engagement on the For You page feed itself. TikTok beats tweets to writing short captions. TIP: Want to make your copy most engaging? It’s an awesome hub to find new stuff and make sure you’re on the pulse of what sounds people are using! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you use the TikTok algorithm to your advantage and start to see some real traction on your posts! Check out Jason Derulo smartly using stickers in his video for some inspiration: While this is obvious for most social platforms, it’s particularly important for TikTok. Keep your eye out for new feature releases, you may want to try them out to get more visibility! There is a "For You" Page in TokTok where you can find all types of videos in one place of your interest that is where the TikTok algorithm comes into play if you want your videos to be there in your friends or everyone mobile you need to follow this 5 Pro Tips to get more views on your TikTok videos and Get Found on everyone "For You" TikTok app. The algorithm shows it to an account’s followers and people likely to be interested in it. With just over 40K followers, Kei’s educational video to support the Black Lives Matter movement gained over 1.2M views and 360K likes (at the time of publishing this blog post). You’re likely to see the following hashtags on content such as #Foryou, #ForYouPage, and #FYP. TikTok relies on the categories you’ve selected to put the first version of your For You page feed together. All these actions contribute to future recommendations in your For You page feed, helping to create a perfectly personalized feed! revealed exactly how it works! Real short videos. Others, who plan to create a video for the challenge, view videos under the tag for inspiration. As for poor user response – well, you do the math. There’s no denying that TikTok’s video style is unique — there’s nothing off-bounds! This hub is also where your favorites list lives (more on that below!). It almost provides a “creative brief” for users to tap into, such as the latest #albumlookalike challenge, #jamsessions, and #learnfromme hashtags, all prioritized by TikTok. Or, a sound could suddenly get a lot of exposure, based on someone else’s video going viral, and your video that features the same sounds could get a little bump! Vice highlights that if posts include at least one of these #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage hashtags in their captions, their posts are more likely to surface on more For You pages. Bonus: Want to know how a viral social video creator makes millions of dollars in sales? If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, you’ve likely scrolled past Duets. Or, a sound could suddenly get a lot of exposure, based on someone else’s video going viral, and your video that features the same sounds could get a little bump! These encourage viewers to leave comments on your content – another “engagement” ranking factor to play along with. And, thanks to TikTok’s Pro Accounts, you can tap into some juicy audience analytics. That said, if you’ve covered your bases with the perfect song, the ideal caption, and the timing of your post, but don’t have a strong video to share it with, does the content still perform? Another theory is that shorter videos of 10 to 15 seconds perform better on the app as their completion rate will be much higher. TikTok lets you create 15- … Each of these factors is individually weighted by the TikTok’s For You recommendation system, meaning that each For You page will be completely unique to a user and their level of interest. #illusion #game. TikTok gives you a ton of useful information to help you gain a better understanding of your personal best time to post. Let’s explore the various ranking factors at play and how you can leverage them to get your content to rank on the sixth largest global social network. What is TikTok in three words? Easily schedule photos, videos & carousel posts with a few clicks. The good news is that using a trending song at the right time can mean a quick bump in likes and views. So the best way to curate your For You page feed is to use and enjoy TikTok. So, introduce a hook into your video within three seconds so viewers don’t yawn and scroll past it. But unlike TikTok’s Discover tab, TikTok’s Sounds are not as easily accessible as a tap of a tab. In other words, TikTok allows you to reach a global audience—but it’s also going to show users videos created by people in their area. Now we know how TikTok decides what appears on your For You page, we can explore how to personalize it! If you come across something that’s not quite to your liking, you can simply long-press on a video and tap “Not Interested” to indicate that you don’t care for a particular video. You Must Crush it with Completion Rate If you learn one thing from this article, it should be that completion rate is the most important factor in the TikTok algorithm. Find the prevailing hashtag challenges from the Discover tab. Create short, 15-second long videos. This means creating videos to these trending sounds can help you tap into the algorithm further. The ideal caption for TikTok should be short, feature hashtags relating back to the content, and be digestible (and complimentary) to the content you’re sharing. Download the free guide now. Duets are videos a TikTok user creates alongside another creator’s original video. To help you create the best content, and get more limelight on the TikTok feed, we’re going to jump into the top 6 factors that influence the TikTok algorithm! TikTok uses this information to tailor the recommendation in your initial For You page feed — as at this stage, you’ve probably not liked, followed, or engaged with any videos yet. Masooma is a SaaS freelance writer and lover of to-do lists. Now you can have fun and scroll through what’s trending! With TikTok Planning and Scheduling by Later, you can visually plan your TikTok content in advance – along with all of your other social content! Get Early Access today! You can also choose to hide videos from a given creator or made with a certain sound, or report a video that seems out of line with TikTok’s guidelines. You’d be surprised by the number of TikTokers I’ve followed that I discovered on Twitter. Trusted by employees at 800+ of the Fortune 1000. The TikTok algorithm may seem complex and mysterious — but TikTok has (finally!) But the question is: how can you get your videos to catch your audience’s attention during that time? They are side-by-side videos, one side being the original creator and the other being a TikTok user. Instagram Reels Vs TikTok: What’s the Difference? “When you decide to follow new accounts, for example, that action will help refine your recommendations too, as will exploring hashtags, sounds, effects, and trending topics on the Discover tab.”. Consider asking a question, using a joke, or making the copy a little mysterious or something you need to “wait for.”. Thinking about adding TikTok to your social media marketing strategy? For now, we can assume that while videos slowly gain likes, comments, and views, the TikTok algorithm may push your video onto the For You page, even if it’s not a brand new video. And if you create truly awesome videos for trending hashtags, you’re likely to attract a sizeable part of the crowd to your content. TikTok is an app for discovery —  so even if you only follow 5 accounts, you can still spend hours scrolling through videos (trust us, it can happened!).

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