tibetan garlic cure

As i read about it on Internet it was found in 1971. in ruins of the Tibetan monasteries, and it was written on clay tables. Garlic-Gin Cure (Tibetan Garlic Cure) is an ancient Tibetan remedy that is highly effective for treating various illnesses and losing weight healthily. Tibetan Garlic Cure Scheme. Découvrez comment faire ce remède de guérison, comment le préparer et le suivre et quand il n'est pas recommandé de le suivre. How to prepare the Tibetan garlic cure Ingredients that you need. Peel the raw garlic and mash or crush with the help of a mortar. La cure tibétaine de l'ail est un ancien remède aux propriétés et propriétés incroyables pendant 12 jours. 350 gr. Now mix the garlic juice with the brandy inside an airtight glass jar. Recipe for Tibetan garlic cure was found by UNESCO expedition. Tibetan garlic cure recipe that i use, is one ancient recipe for Chinese homeopathic remedy. However garlic is well known as the most powerful natural antibiotic known as pure food. After each meal you have during the day, drink the milk in which u dropped the amount of garlic cure drops by following the scheme given in the next table. If you want you can use a small blender or a blender until it is almost made juice. You can use that cure again after 2-5 years! This recipe of traditional Tibetan medicine is used to reduce the levels of fat in the body or strengthen the immune system. The tibetan garlic cure It is a natural health remedy used for hundreds of years by Buddhist monks in Tibet. The Tibetan garlic cure is an ancient medicinal recipe created by the Buddhist monks of Tibet in order to take advantage of the powerful properties of garlic. The formula was deciphered and translated to many languages by an UNESCO commission. Tibetan garlic cure Details Created: 30 September 2010 Print Email In 1971 UNESCO team discovered in a Tibetan monastery clay tiles with a unique recipe for rejuvenation. lulu July 14, 2011 * Healthy Lifestyle *, Tibetan Diet No comments. To my surprise the search produced the "Tibetan garlic cure." Four decades ago, in 1971 an UNESCO team discovered in a Tibetan monastery, clay tiles with a Buddhist recipe for rejuvenation. of garlic; 250 ml. It was translated to all major languages of the world. Tibet. The post showed up on several blogs and some bloggers claimed that this healing garlic recipe was inscribed on a clay tablet that was discovered in the ruins of ancient monastery in Tibet sometime around 1971. It is also very useful in treating various diseases. of brandy; Steps to prepare the Tibetan garlic cure. After reaching the amount of 25 drops per meal, continue with that amount of drops per meal until you finish whole tincture. Tibetan Garlic Cure. The prescription for “the elixir of youth” was dated about 4-5 centuries B.C., has been translated on all languages and circulated all over the world.

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