telefunken ak47 gearslutz

Telefunken USA has since done some major modifications and introduced the M16 MkII as well as the AK47. Read the new reviews of the M16 Mk II and AK47 tube microphones. Telefunken AK-47 - $1895 Our favorite all-around mic from Telefunken's RFT series. R-F-T Telefunken M16 … TELEFUNKEN NORTH AMERICA / TELEFUNKEN ELEKTROAKUSTIK: R-F-T AK47: EF732 / 5840 / 5901 / 6205 / EF72: Please click here then scroll down for my complete stock list with prices for these tubes. The output transformer is made by Lundahl. Telefunken AK 47 Tube AKG 414 XLII (2) AKG 451; EV RE20; Sontronics STC-1 Cardioid/Omni (Matched Pair) Sennheiser MD 409 U3; Sennheiser 421 (3) Beyer M130; Beyer M160; Shure SM7; Shure BETA SM91A; Shure SM81; Shure SM57 (6) Shure Beta 58 (2) Shure SM58; Amps. All-in-all, this mic has become my new favorite piece of kit. Be sure to … It's an excellent vocal mic for almost any performer. We’ve had these mics here for testing and are absolutely impressed. If I want to try a piece of kit there is a decent list of vendors I can contact and get it sent to me. The tube is a NOS Telefunken EF-95, a miniature pentode also known as the 6AK5, selected to minimize microphonic noise. Note that Telefunken also offers a stereo version of this mic, the R-F-T AR-70. Of course you will hear a lot of "vintage Neumann M-49, U-47, AKG C-12, Telefunken 251" mic choices that are unobtanium for mere mortals. With 50 microphones ranging from $49.99 to $8,995 (on both male & female voices), Sweetwater has put together one of the largest comprehensive mic shootouts ever. Miktek CV4 - $1699 The CV4 is Miktek's flagship tube condenser microphone. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphones and direct boxes - Built to a standard, not to a price. The capsule is described as a “single-membrane” version of the capsule from the AK-47 Mk II and AR-51. Seriously, Telefunken is going to have to send some burly German Elektroakustik Repo She-Devils to retrieve it, ‘cos I ain’t giving it back. I bet you would get a lot more info on Gearslutz. This mic has a bit of a forward midrange and a nice chilled out top end. Start listening now! TELEFUNKEN NORTH AMERICA / TELEFUNKEN ELEKTROAKUSTIK: R-F-T AR51: 12AT7 / … Yes, I have to put up my cc# but that's it aside from paying shipping. And of course, you have to have some Pultec EQ's in the chain too.

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