tea party ideas for adults

For adult tea parties, you might consider offering champagne or a tea cocktail. Select music that is upbeat but suitable for background—you don’t want to drown out the conversation. For some ideas—both traditional and new—check out our best tea sandwich recipes. I’ve always enjoyed tea. The real centerpiece will be your beautiful cakes and desserts, so decorate simply with a clean tablecloth and a small bouquet of flowers. We like these tea-themed invites from Etsy. On the day of your party, place frozen scones on a baking sheet and reheat at 350F for 10 minutes. A tea party is the perfect low-pressure gathering that you can do just about any time of the day. —Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin . Going to have my first adult tea party in May so these are great ideas. Check out this video for some adorable DIY ideas (I love the bird cages): While I think you can absolutely scrimp on the major decorations, the table is where you want to shine. Wonderful to get together and enjoy conversation, great tea and goodies as well. Article from plumdeluxe.com. May 27, 2018 - Why not add an element of good old-fashioned fun to your event with these six tea party games for adults? This sounds like such an awesome idea, I might throw one this spring for my friends. Choose one of the containers as the prize for this game (maybe a special tea … It sounds like so much fun, though. Rhubarbhits its peak in early spring and its tartness is offset by a delicious homemade strawberry butteron the side. No tea would be complete without English scones served with an assortment of jams, butter and whipped cream. There's a great mix of classic and unique party games here that are just for the adults. I did used to enjoy having them with my stuffed animals when I was a young child. You can get an elegant look with expensive tableware, too. In addition to specifying time, date and location, it’s a good idea to ask that guests notify you of any dietary restrictions or allergies when they send their RSVP. You can bake your scones up to a week ahead and store them in a zip-top bag in the freezer. The food is prepared before your guests arrive, and is either presented buffet style or by passing plates of … Tea Party Ideas for Adults . I bet if it is done right it would be a time to remember! Few tea party ideas are as important as tea! Taste of Home. Adults love tea party games, too! Don’t have a formal tea service? Real tea parties are so much fun. .. I love these ideas. One of the first things you need to do when planning your tea party is to send out invitations to your potential party guests. Taste of Home. You provide several herbals, like rose petals, lemongrass and hibiscus. To really elevate things, find a few tiered serving trays to display your food. Having high tea is something we should embrace. This would be a lot of fun! I love a good tea party. Give the characters a theme, like Alice in Wonderland characters, British royals or celebrity chefs, to narrow the field. Find out which one the Queen drinks, here. Tea parties conjure images of ladies in lovely Victorian garb, sitting at lace-covered tables, sipping from fine china. Adults love tea party games, too! Though desserts are definitely the showstoppers of the tea, finger sandwiches play an essential role as well. More afternoon tea ideas: Applications. .. Otherwise, tell friends to dress up like their favorite Alice in Wonderland character. When you'd like to host a party that isn't as involved as a dinner party, a tea party can be the answer. Check out a few ideas. There are so many cool products out there, I love all these creative inspirations. I would so do this. You have a lot of great suggestions here. Remember, a tea party is supposed to be a low-key event to help you reconnect with your friends. These are some really cute ideas! I’m having a tea party for my granddaughter this year. One day I’d like to go to high tea–I love the snacks that they serve with the tea! Whether loose or bagged, you can’t go wrong with a British brand like Twinings, Yorkshire Gold or PG Tips. I would love to do this! Whether loose or bagged, you can’t go wrong with a British brand like Twinings, Yorkshire Gold or PG Tips. As you mentioned the focus should be more on interaction and camaraderie and the food light and convenient. Here are a few ideas if you want to add a little something extra. If you want to be really authentic, find a British specialty store that sells jars of clotted cream or make your own mock Devonshire cream. serving up some of the queen’s favorite dishes. We like these tea-themed invites from Etsy. Our church hosts an annual tea and it’s so nice to see the everyone all dolled up and sipping on tea and enjoying tea cakes. After all, the tea is going to be the star of the party, and it deserves a beautiful set. Make sure to use thin slices of bread, trim the crusts and cut into triangles for more traditional teas. Apple & Cheddar Mini Scones Cheese and sage go well with apples, so why not put them all in scones? This is such a fun idea. This is such a cute idea – I’d love to host a tea party! Six Tea Party Games for Adults. I love the idea of throwing a get-together for a little quality bonding time with my friends. For kids' tea party menus, consider serving iced tea, juice or punch.

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