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If input-filename is the underscore character _, then no input file will be read. Purpose and Motivation On Windows, scsynth was not able to select separate input and output devices (it accepted only single device name and tried to use it as both input and output). The output file header-format should be one of: AIFF, WAVE, NeXT. Good page for beginners. These files are currently written by the SuperCollider language application, but theoretically could be written by any program. This essentially prevented manual device selection for anything other than soundcards with ASIO drivers (AFAICT the only API on Windows that reports devices as full-duplex/both inputs and outputs). The code to write these files is open and available in the SuperCollider language app. {, 0.3,}.play) You can threshold the input to avoid picking up background noise Contents. The output file's sample rate is specified by sample-rate. Output will be written to output-filename. These are just quick "reminders" of how to do common things. 6: Private 1 7: Private 2 etc. stereo in and out) then the first two audio busses (index 0 and index 1) will be the outputs, and the two immediately following those (index 2 and index 3) will be the inputs. SuperCollider Quick Reference. Pressing it once calls record, and pressing it again calls stopRecording (see below). For example, if we imagine a server with two output channels and two input channels (i.e. (See ServerOptions for information on how to set the number of input and output channels, and busses) The output file sample-format should be one of: int16, int24, int32, float, double. }.play; // stereo through patching from input to output) SuperCollider comes with an amplitude tracker and pitch tracker for realtime audio (// use input amplitude to control Pulse amplitude - use headphones to prevent feedback. booting 57110 JackDriver: client name is 'SuperCollider' SC_AudioDriver: sample rate = 48000.000000, driver's block size = 1024 JackDriver: connected system:capture_1 to SuperCollider:in_1 JackDriver: connected system:capture_2 to SuperCollider:in_2 JackDriver: connected SuperCollider:out_1 to system:playback_1 JackDriver: … This page collects short and simple code examples of useful stuff. Such a program would need knowledge of the SC unit generators and their characteristics, such as number of inputs and outputs and available calculation rates. 0: Output 1 0: Output 1 1: Output 2 1: Output 2 2: Input 1 2: Output 3 3: Input 2 3: Output 4 4: Private 1 4: Input 1 5: Private 2 5: Input 2 etc. The main differences are: (1) most Supercollider programs can run in real-time and process live sound and MIDI inputs/outputs; (2) Supercollider is a comprehensive general-purpose programming language with facilities for file input/output, list processing, and OO programming; and (3) Supercollider is an integrated development environment. Here is the output when I (re-)boot the SuperCollider server. You can use the server directly to record its output ( {, 100, 5)).exprange(*[20, 800], [7000, 200], 10) ) ) * 0.1 }.play; s.record(duration: 10); ) This functionality is also available through the recording button on the server windows.

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