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The best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020. These street style trends are just what your wardrobe needs to be ready for spring. Brown is the new black when it comes to color trends in the Southland. Including the one that's replacing seashell jewelry. With this in mind, I’ve already started thinking about 2021 fashion trends, and whether my 2020 impulse-buys will still be cute when we (hopefully) get a re-do come January. By Justine Carreon From 70s' style to bold fashion choices, we've got you covered! Perhaps it’s the fact that each trend is cute and comfortable at the same time, or maybe it’s knowing that they add up to endless street style possibilities. The Trend: Earth Tones. Click on the link below to find out more. ... 9 Outfits That Incorporate Summer's Biggest Trends.

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