star adventurer mini counterweight

The Mini takes all the same accessories as the normal Star Adventurer, like the same base, same declination bracket, same counterweight, which is kind of nice. Includes counterweight shaft and 1kg counterweight. Subscribe and Save! The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Wi-Fi (SAM) is a compact high-precision camera tracking platform that is ideal for long exposure astrophotography as well as time-lapse photography in daytime and night time settings. You know if you end up going from one or the other, you’ll have all the same components, so keep that in mind. This 3.56 counterweight comes with a 12mm hole for mounting on the Counterweight Shaft 12mm Can be used with Star… Check the price of Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) here Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Tracker Specifications Mount type: ultra compact equatorial tracking platform Motor Drive: DC servo Power Supply: 4 x AA, mini USB (DC 5V external supply) Payload Capacity: 5kg (not including counterweight) Tracking Modes: sidereal, lunar, solar, timelapse (2hr, 4hr, 12hr) How to set up and polar align I'm going to assume that… Skywatcher 1kg Counterweight & Shaft For Star Adventurer £22.00. It also will come with the modified power cable required also. Helps balance the telescope or camera load on the Star Adventurer. Particularly important if you are using a small telescope for astrophotography. Counterweight kit for Star Adventurer mount. NOTE: Not suitable for use with Sky-Watcher GTi Mount. Price Match Request * buy DETAILS. It is a high precision, portable and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. With the counter weight kit you can take the Star Adventurer to its maximum payload of 11lbs. Counterweight kit for Star Adventurer mount. Counterweight kit for the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. Customer reviews In order to provide smooth tracking and less stress on the mount’s motor the counter weight kit allows you to counter balance your payload. Skywatcher 1kg Counterweight & Shaft For Star Adventurer Zoom: ... A lightweight and highly portable aluminium tripod with handy accessory tray ideal for the Star Adventurer and Star Adventurer Mini photo mountings, as well as other products requiring a tripod with 3/8" screw connector. Star Adventurer Mini. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer is user-friendly and provides various combinations to satisfy all you needs for astrophotography and time-lapse photography. Join our email list and stay informed about our latest sales, events in space, and guides from our astronomy experts! Sky-Watcher 3.56 kg Counterweight. Skywatcher Star Adventurer or the Mini version Star Adventurer. There is some marring on the counterweight bar housing as shown in the photos. For those looking to mount heavier cameras, lenses or telescopes the Star Adventurer counter weight kit is a must.

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