star adventurer counterweight extension

22cm long counterweight shaft with thumbscrew for easy addition or removal of counterweights. US or International orders will be billed in US dollars. Enables you to balance telescopes up to 10" on an EQ6 mount without excessive counterbalance weight. Show: All ManufacturersAll-StarCelestronSky-Watcher, •    1/4" to 3/8" Convert Screw Adapter Properly balancing loads on the Star Adventurer - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging: Hi folks, I have spent a fair bit of time searching this forum for info on properly balancing loads on the Star Adventurer to extend tracking times. Star Adventurer Mini and Star Adventurer Tripod. 2A,PO Box 765Didsbury, ABT0M 0W0Maps & Directions, Local: 403-335-4857Toll-Free: 1-866-310-8844Contact us online. Or Buy another counterweight for a star adventurer? For those using heavy full frame camera with popular … Counterweight and shaft for Star Adventurer…, In stock. iOptron SkyGuider Pro - Included! Sky-Watcher 3.56 kg Counterweight. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini - Optional ($30) and requires dec bracket ($40) Vixen Polarie - Optional ($1,299) Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer - Included! Anyone know how or where to extend the counterweight rod, like that of the iOptron? …, 10AM to 5PM Monday to SaturdayClosed Sundays and Holidays, All-Star Telescope31020 Hwy. Canadian orders will be billed in Canadian dollars. included with the Astro Bundle, this accessory can also be…, NOW IN STOCK! I managed to find a few scattered snippets of info here and there. Alternatively, you can get this nice extension rod from William Optics. Enables greater precision when polar aligning and setting the latitude which in turn will ensure better/longer tracking. Threads a lot smaller than the bar maybe 8mm. Sky-Watcher shutter release cables can be purchased separately for most popular camera models/brands. Equatorial wedge for easier polar alignment.     •    Thread Adapter with female 1/4" thread to male 3/8" thread…, OVERVIEW buy DETAILS. •    Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof If you want to use the new Star Adventurer system with a small scope for astro work, you will need this 1kg counterweight with shaft. For those using heavy full frame camera with popular 200, 300 or 400mm lenses the counter weight kit is a must. Click the button below to add the Counterweight Shaft Extension for Star Adventurer to your wish list. Accepts counterweights of … Telescoping legs with accessory tray for stability. I highly recommend watching my video below on how to balance your counterweight with the SkyGuider Pro. • Extension Tubes • Astronomik • Guidescope Packages ... Skywatcher 1kg Counterweight & Shaft For Star Adventurer £22.00. Provides more accuracy and stability than a standard photo tripod head. Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack: includes the Star Adventurer 2i WiFi Mount, Ball Head Adaptor, Illuminated Polar Scope, Dovetail L-Bracket, Equatorial Wedge and Counterweight Shaft with 1kg Counterweight. Click the button below to add the Counterweight Shaft Extension for Star Adventurer to your wish list. © 2020 Cyclops Optics | Sitemap Typically ships in 24 hours, Cigarette Plug Power Cable (12V DC 2.1mm), Counterweight Shaft for SkyWatcher AZGT-i, 15cm Counterweight Shaft Extension for SkyWatcher HEQ5Pro / NEQ6 / EQ6 Pro / EQ6R, Sky-Watcher Aluminium Tripod for Star Adventurer, Counterweight Shaft Extension for Star Adventurer. Can be used with Star…, In stock. - The Star Adventurer comes equipped at an ST4 guide port to use with an auto-guider. The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer and Mini will both use the same declination bracket and counterweight kit. Model: sw_neq6_cweight_ext_20858. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Counterweight Kit Zoom: Price: £23.99 (Inc. 20% VAT) ... Primaluce Lab Control Units Piers Extension Tubes and Pillars Astrotrac Motor Drives and Controllers Mount Accessories Counterweights Polarscopes Equatorial Wedges. It seemed a better option, as I do have a couple of rather heavy lenses. For those looking to mount heavier cameras, lenses or telescopes the Star Adventurer counter weight kit is a must. Navigational Power Supplies Tracer Battery Packs Celestron and Sky-Watcher Power Tanks Other Power Supplies and Power Adapters … However, the larger Star Adventurer can handle twice the weight of the Mini. It should allow you to use a single counterweight and still maintain balance with a heavier camera rig. A new wedge and counterweight bar extension from William Optics suitable for use with the iOptron Skyguider Pro and Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. Customer reviews. NOTE: You must have the Dec. 4.2 … 1500 Case In order to provide smooth tracking and less stress on the mount’s motor the counter weight kit allows you to counter balance your payload. This red dot finder keeps the sky…, Dual Knob Ball Head, 17 lbs Load Capacity…, Ideal for Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer or for Eyepieces Extension Rod/Arm for Star Adventurer Facebook; Twitter; ... Can't recall what thread is on the star adventurer counterweight bar, but you could maybe purchase a longer piece of threaded rod of the same size. This 3.56 counterweight comes with a 12mm hole for mounting on the Counterweight Shaft 12mm Can be used with Star… Counterweight Shaft Extension for Star Adventurer. Counterweight Extension rod for Star Adventurer Pro - posted in Equipment: My rig is just a bit heavy and could use a few more inches of counterweight on the Star Adventurer Pro. With the counter weight kit you can take the Star Adventurer to its maximum payload of 11lbs. - The Star Adventurer comes equipped at an ST4 guide port to use with an auto-guider. The counterweight option is available on the SkyTracker Pro, but the Star Adventurer has a maximum payload of a full 2kg more. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer is user-friendly and provides various combinations to satisfy all you needs for astrophotography and time-lapse photography.   Also works great with…, Free Canadian Shipping - see conditions 

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