how to use a capo on a baritone ukulele

Some capos allow you to adjust how hard the product is holding on to the strings on … You could do one of two things in this case-relearn the song in their key,or use a capo-which is soo much easier! In this video you will learn how to use a capo to change the notes of the open strings to create new chords more easily up and down the neck. Here are some chord examples to get you started: 1. Classical guitar capos work wonderfully well with baritone ukes-they do the job and are easy on the instrument. Baritone Ukulele Books. But same problem as getting a capo. Using Capos on Baritone Ukuleles Say you know the chords to a song in a certain key,then you discover a friend of yours knows the same tune,but in a different key. When using a capo, the sound coming from your ukulele will be one note higher for each fret covered by your capo. If you are planning to regularly use a capo on your ukulele, I suggest buying a ukulele-designed capo. The charts on this page are for baritone guitar players who used to play the guitar. Once you get a capo for a ukulele, keep it in your case. Thanks for any advice. The chord shape that you play turns into a different chord when you use a capo. Capo on the first fret. Likewise if you already play guitar and want to try ukulele, the baritone ukulele would be a natural choice. This is called arranging and adds depth to your song. Slap a capo on a few frets up and see if the notes come to you easier. I don't mind if the strings might break, as I can always buy new ones (and I'll most likely be getting some of the gCEA re-entrants for spares, anyway), I just don't want anything bad to happen to the ukulele structurally, if I were to play with it tuned to GCEA for a week or so. When you do this, you will see that the exposed notes are G-C-E-A which is the exact same as a regular ukulele. Let’s say you place a capo on the first fret of this same guitar. For those that like the idea of playing the baritone but would rather stick to the GCEA tuning, it is possible to change the tuning or change the strings to achieve this. Baritone Ukulele Chords. That is, if you placed a capo on the third fret of your ukulele, it will raise the pitch by three semi-tones (from C tuning to D# tuning). To use the capo chart, below, find the actual chord in the left column. What tuning is capo on 1st fret? If you have another friend that plays the ukulele, try playing the same song, but one person have a capo on. The chords are the same on a baritone ukulele as those on a soprano or tenor ukulele. Using a Capo to Get Standard Tuning. Playing with a capo changes everything on the fretboard. Whether you play guitar or ukulele, or whatever instrument that actually uses a capo, being able to successfully use a capo is important for creating new sounds and new forms of amber for your chords. Download as PDF. Baritone tuning relative to keyboard . The open guitar chord pattern which results in your chosen chord is shown under Open (no capo) or the fret number for capo placement. Now that you know how a capo works, let’s go ahead and see how it affects the keys on your ukulele. One final note. Try not to depend on your capo when learning songs. What fret Do you capo for ukulele? You should put a ukulele capo on the fifth fret of the baritone ukulele. While a capo can really come in handy sometimes, I suggest only using it to change the key of your ukulele to match your voice and actually play the original chords. TRANSPOSING WITH A CAPO.

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