spyderco ceramic stones review

Spyderco has been in the ceramic stone business for awhile, they've had good reviews from professional knife guys, but never seem to have caught on. If you want to take serious amounts of metal off at once, I would suggest a file, then using one of Spyderco’s brown stones … Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spyderco - White Ceramic Sharpening File Set with Suede Snap-Close Pouch - Ceramic Stone - 400F at Amazon.com. I should have used my SiC stones for this leveling. The Spyderco stones don't hold onto the oil like other so-called 'oil stones'. It only … One quibble though. Loads up quickly, but is easy to clean with some Barkeeper's friend and a scotchbrite. When I leveled the Spyderco ceramic stone using my DMT coarse stone it rendered my diamond stone useless. Not enough left to use it in sharpening. Seems like it's worth a try to me especially if it's your money and not mine. Which would have worked slower but I would have more material left on the stone. Grit comparisons involving an Arkansas stone … My fine diamond stone still has some left to be able to use it. Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stone, Medium This is a good stone for refining an edge after sharpening with a coarse stone. As mentioned, the sintered stones are essentially non-porous, especially the white ceramic Fine/UF stones. The white alumna ceramic sharpeners from Spyderco are designed for people who take knives out into the field that are already sharp.

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