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Refer to Standata 06-BCI-001-R1 for instances when a stamp is not required. Construction of adjacent walls (e.g. Plans must be drawn to scale and show the following information: Professional engineer's stamp – Refer to Div. must be designed for use with spray booth systems and maintained, per manufacturer’s specifications; Protecting The Painter VOC’s are compounds that are harmful to the atmosphere that are present to varying degrees in coatings. For a good list of resources the EPA has this directory which lists a lot of pertinent state level information. The major codes that are enforced are NFPA-33 and the Building Code of the Province where you are located. Provide verification that the suppression system has been installed as required by NFPA 33 (2003) and the specific referenced standard (e.g. Make and Model # of the booth if applicable, Type of fire suppression system and the standard that the suppression system will be designed to (NFPA 13, NFPA 12, 16, 17 or 2001). National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) Subpart HHHHHH Generally, this verification must be stamped by a professional engineer. Building permits in different areas have different requirements, but for the purposes of this discussion, we will cover the issues that are most commonly required to get a booth approved. Both also require paint booths to have a separate, approved sprinkler system, a fire rating of at least two hours and be built according to certain construction standards. Verification must be stamped by a professional engineer if the booth is unlisted. The EPA relates to paint booths as they are often concerned with the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) you produce. Sprinklers, visible gauges, and alarms should be properly installed. All our spray booth engineers are required to undertake on-going training and assessment to ensure they are fully conversant with new spray booth regulations, guidelines and best practices across all types of spray booth testing. Spray Booth Design Requirements Tested By Qualified Engineers. There are many codes that pertain to a spray booth installation and not knowing that a part of a code applies can cause delays in completing an installation or having to make changes to an already built spray booth, both are unnecessary expenses.The most common "Codes" that are referred to regarding spray booths follow: The code that carries the most weight when it comes to spray booth construction and installation is NFPA-33 although parts of the others are also applicable in the areas they pertain to.To view the various NFPA Codes and Standards use the following link.http://www.nfpa.org/freeaccessIt is critical to understand the various codes and which parts are applicable to your spray booth installation as the Safety Codes Officer who does the final inspection will not approve the use of a booth that is not compliant to the codes that apply. Chapter 15 of the IFC addresses requirements for spray areas, spray rooms and spray booths; References parts of NFPA 33 (Standard for Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Materials) National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1 Fire Code. The building permit is a way for the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" to ensure that all applicable codes are being adhered to. According to the National Fire Protection Association and OSHA, paint booths must be completely separated from all other operations and located at least 20 feet from any combustible materials. For example, the following is the current City of Calgary requirements for a spray booth building permit application.Subject: Paint Spray Booths – Building Permit RequirementsPlans shall indicate the nature and extent of work in sufficient detail to establish that the work will conform to the Code. Provide verification that the roof structure is capable of supporting the new MUA if required by the field SCO or noted on the building permit conditions. (Div. Make Up Air unit type and capacity - air volume, heating capacity and unit weight, Statement that MUA and exhaust are interlocked. Subject: Paint Spray Booths – Building Permit Requirements. C NFPA 17). VerificationAfter the Booth is installed/constructed – verification information must be submitted to the field SCO at time of inspection. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Get it by Thursday, Nov 26. The ruling authority provides that occupancy permit based on their judgment of the codes and the spray operation.

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