spotted dusky salamander

Point occurrences Desmognathus conanti (Data current as of July 15, 2010) All Occurrences 1990 to Present! Santeetlah Duskies usually have a light yellow wash on the underside of the limbs and tail (Spotted does not). !!!!! Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. Juveniles may have pairs of light oval to rhombic dorsal patches outlined with black. The project also aims to create knowledge to Pennsylvania residents not only through the internet, but also through interaction with the public, with the help of volunteers in the field to communicate with individuals on a personal level. The Spotted Salamander, also known as the ‘Yellow Spotted Salamander’, is a species of secretive, forest-dwelling American mole salamander that has got its common name from the two rows of yellow or orange spots, spread all over its body. These patches may be linked on each side of the body by a wavy dark line parallel to the body. Spotted Dusky Salamanders are KNOWN from both Fulton and Dekalb counties. Adults, eggs and larvae can all be found in the stream or riparian zones of the stream, not far from the water. Spotted Salamander Marbled Salamander Mole Salamander** Smallmouth Salamander Eastern Tiger Salamander . Pennsylvania Herp Identification is an educational tool for the public on the reptiles and amphibians found though out Pennsylvania. Lungless Salamanders (23) Green Salamander** Spotted Dusky Salamander** Spotted Dusky Salamander!!!!! Similar Species: Closely related to 2 other species, Northern Dusky Salamander and Santeetlah Dusky Salamander, best distinguished by their ranges. Spotted Dusky Salamanders have a white to brown stripe which extends from the eye to the rear angle of the jaw. Spotted Dusky Salamander (Desmognathus conanti) DESCRIPTION: The general coloration is gray, tan or brown above. This salamander is medium-sized (2.5-5 inches) and has a moderately keeled tail. Physical Description: How do Yellow Spotted Salamanders Look Size: The adult salamanders are 15–25 cm (5.9–9.8 […]

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