spicy cream cheese bagel

More importantly, though, its bagels are bomb—and come in creative iterations like blueberry and Cajun spice, brushed with jalapeño cream cheese, pesto, labne, and other spreads. In New York City circa 1900, a popular combination consisted of a bagel topped with lox, cream cheese, capers, tomato, and red onion. We had a great time back home in Pennsylvania with my parents and extended family. oh my…yumm! Store unused amount in covered glass container in the fridge. Store unused amount in covered glass container in the fridge. thanks for the recipe! Because I was traveling and staying with my parents, I didn’t contribute much to Christmas dinner. Yum! You did get something with you from your holiday! I bought a bag of bagel chips the other day. For spicy cheese spread: Mix all ingredients together until well blended. To our surprise, on their black board menu hanging on the wall behind the counter was “Jalapeño Cheese Bagels” served with cream cheese. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. few drops of worcestershire sauce Now if I only were giving a party! Thank goodness for 1st grade teachers , I could have used this recipe tonight!!!!! At Bagel Sisters, the bagels come served with cream cheese smeared on a leave of lettuce, topped with fresh tomato. It was nice to have a long weekend to relax and enjoy the holiday. Curious and hungry all at the same time, we ordered one each. Great party food. Bagels are the perfect morning companion. Great job! 2 Tbsp butter They add so much creaminess and richness. This cheese spread sounds perfect for those yummy little chips. Whether you want them sweet, savory or even a little spicy, there is a bagel and cream cheese combo for everyone. She was such a wonderful teacher that Mike stayed in touch with her for years, and recently got back in contact with her via facebook. Simply sprinkle the seeds over some watered soil and spray with some more water (spraying helps the seeds from dislocating). I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Maybe with a veggie spread? Love this! Bagel Chips: 3 bagels, sliced open and sliced into thin pieces 2 Tbsp butter 3 Tbsp olive oil. I don't know what it is about bagels but they made such goooood chips! So simple and yet such a unique and delicious way to serve dip! 1/2 stick of softened cream cheese2 Tbls. They’re light and crunchy and buttery, with a hint of garlic (although you could add whatever seasoning you wanted). That looks REALLY good, and super easy! For proper casserole texture, use bagels that are stale. I love this idea, and I want to try both recipes soon! Cream cheese is a must whenever bagels are involved and it is such a good addition to this breakfast casserole. holiday calories don't count…right? Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Made this for New Years Eve party and it was a hit! 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese Press the bagel slices into pan and bake for 15 minutes. Start with small amounts of the seasonings and add to taste. 3/4 cup (170 g) full fat cream cheese. SeaPak She had us (and Mike’s whole family) over for dinner a few weeks ago, and while all of the food was delicious, the star of the meal was definitely these bagel chips. i love bagel chips but have never made my own. I'll find an excuse to make them sometime…, Pingback: Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese | The Pajama Chef, Your email address will not be published. I've never heard of these before, they look amazing! They’re perfect for eating plain or dipping in a cheese dip. Now I'll have to make a double batch of bagels just for the chips! These look delish. They were really good but now I feel like it was silly to buy them instead of making them myself. For the bagel chips: Pre-heat the oven to 350. 1 tsp lemon juice Seasonings to taste (salt, white pepper, cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, garlic salt). I served them with a cheeseball type spread with a hint of spice, which seemed to pair perfectly with the salty garlicy chips, and they were a huge hit. Required fields are marked *. Melt butter and olive oil in a large baking pan (10x15). Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images. That does look like an awesome idea. Watch CBS News anytime, anywhere with the our 24/7 digital news network. oooh looks yummy! And the cheese dip sounds yummy! We don’t mind spicy and hot but first thing in the morning it was a little too much! Sprinkle with seasoned salt or garlic salt (or preferred seasoning). 3 Tbsp olive oil, Spicy Cheese Spread . First, Toast a thin everything bagel or regular size depending on what you have on hand... Second, spread a thin layer of fat free or light cream cheese. A great way to combat all the sugar that has been in my system since Christmas! Spread on your favorite bagel. shredded mozzarella, romano, cream cheese, Italian cheese blend and 10 more French Quarter Cream Cheese Spread Creative Culinary pecans, garlic powder, whole grain mustard, light brown sugar and 5 … 3 bagels, sliced open and sliced into thin pieces SeaPak’s Everything Bagel Butterfly Shrimp features the spice blend on crispy butter butterfly shrimp breading, and it comes with cream cheese and chive sauce for dipping. Your email address will not be published. Spread on your favorite bagel. shredded unsweetened coconut2 Tbls. Then cut a medium size of red onion, place on bagel. toasted sliced almonds. Next, slice avocado put as many pieces on bagel. Bagel Chips: I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 1 tbsp + 1 tsp (20 ml) maple syrup or sugar. 1 Tbsp butter, at room temperature Slice the bagels in half (like you're going to serve them), then slice each half into thin pieces. This is perfect for big gatherings. 1/3 cup chives, finely chopped. Turn oven off and let them sit until they reach the desired crispness (I left them for about 10 minutes). I have never made my own bagel chips before, what a great idea! The Best Cream Cheese Spreads Bagels Recipes on Yummly | Pumpkin Bread With Cinnamon Honey Cream Cheese Spread!, Cucumber Finger Sandwiches With Feta And Cream Cheese Spread, Apple Butter Gingerbread Loaf With Apple Butter Cream Cheese Spread 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp (75 g) rye flour. . Sometimes we forget very simple and tasty snacks that we could do ourselves. Spicy Cream Cheese With Smoked Salmon Gran Luchito Mexico spring onion, chilli paste, bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon Bagel Brunch The Happy Foodie spring onions, Greek yoghurt, lemon, Greek yoghurt, salt, beetroot and 26 more Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese | The Pajama Chef. The bagel hole gets filled with fresh cut cress and it’s super simple to grow your own in a matter of a few days on your windowsill. Bagel consultant Beth George, owner of BYOB Bagels, offers "Sunday Morning" viewers three different recipes for cream cheese spreads to put …

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