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There’s a certain balance between flavor and heat that’s desirable, and this one just tastes a bit too much like chili powder. We have a nationwide preoccupation with heat. Flamin' Hot munchies have made quite the fiery appearance on the snack scene. It was one of the comics I would actually actively avoid when I was reading the newspaper as a kid (along with Brenda Starr and Beetle Bailey), and I never understood why this unfunny creation would ever have his own line of snacks. As with Snackwells and TCBY frozen yogurt, you’re trying to get something for nothing. Not too much, not too little, and they’re not particularly spicy. They’re not very fiery, but the eating experience is akin to something like eating spicy cereal. As a fan of Funyuns in general, I obviously had to put Flamin' Hot Funyuns fairly high on my list. L.A. County restaurant owners fear they won’t survive another COVID-19 shutdown, Chefs and restaurateurs react to another shutdown of in-person dining amid L.A. County’s coronavirus surge. All these Flamin’ Hot and spicy snacks taste the same? Except, you really can’t. Wondering how more of your favorite foods measure up in the taste department? All of the fried deliciousness of the original snack is utterly lost. It’s oddly addicting. Thumbs down. But the onion-powder flavor of a Funyun just doesn’t jibe well with the hot flavoring for whatever reason, leading to a snack that’s neither here nor there. That’s the plus. The added hint of lime adds an extra layer of interest to the spicy flavor, creating a totally addictive snack that I genuinely struggle to stop eating. Flamin’ Hot Lays are basically a gussied-up barbecue potato chip. As a child, I loved the occasional gross, onion-ring-shaped Funyun, a portmanteau of “fun” and “onion,” two words that are rarely seen together in the same sentence. Adding a little spice to them must be the perfect combination, right? Although the bag would have you believe that these chips are going to set your mouth afire, they just aren't that good. Take this one, which is shaped like Super Mario, claims the buyer. “We’re holding on for dear life,” one chef said. But it’s tough to get excited about, like the Toronto Raptors’ championship once you realize how happy it made Drake. At least, I know I do. They’re really neck-and-neck with Takis, but what’s nice about these is that they’re not quite as punishingly salty, which gives the zing of the lime and the sting of the chili better chances to showcase themselves. What arrived had expired in 2017 and smelled “like when you go to the bathroom,” she said. Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of the nine most noteworthy Flamin' Hot snacks. The red pepper seasoning is spread fairly thin over the chips, so it basically feels like you're eating normal Lays; with a tiny aftertaste of spice. The point is, there are some dumb people out there. They're an incredibly delicious spicy snack, primarily because they're addictively hot while still including other delicious tastes. A little more wackiness is needed. Do China’s claims of coronavirus on frozen food stack up? Sometimes you mix peanut butter and chocolate and get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. Our resident social media guru, Lauren Lee, is convinced they ate a hole in one of her molars. Maybe roller coaster isn’t the right word. The Puffs are just a little too big to control all that spice, making them fairly frustrating to munch on. The slightly fishy crawdad flavor isn’t too strong and complements the Cajun spices nicely. This product just isn't spicy enough, and therefore not completely deserving of the Flamin' Hot name. The minor downside is that the airy, fried texture, while initially novel, can become a little nauseating as the pieces become consistently compacted in your back teeth. Koreatown’s OB Bear damaged by fire; L.A. County supervisors discuss outdoor dining ban. The lime taste of these Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is relatively tame compared with Takis — that could be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. The good: Holy Toledo, these things are spicy. Puffcorn, which, save for its uneven, round-ish shape, is not at all like popcorn, texturewise falls somewhere between a Cheeto puff and a marshmallow. Apparently nothing good: These taste primarily of salt and dried beef — what I imagine sucking on a beef bouillon cube would be like. Who doesn't like fries? But we’ve got better options stateside. There’s a series of Cheez-Its commercials in which an “immature” wheel of cheese cracks lame jokes at the doctor’s office. They taste bad. Now, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a hot-chicken place, or a YouTuber posting a video of themselves eating Carolina Reapers and other esophagus-destroying peppers. In flavored salty snacks, you want a seamless blending of THING and POWDER THAT FLAVORS THE THING. They definitely grab your attention, but I’m not sure I could eat more than a handful. But that would be a mistake, because these have it all: heat, texture, crunch and flavor. Olympic champion Jeanette Bolden-Pickens owns South L.A.'s 27th Street Bakery Shop, founded by her grandparents in 1956. Nor am I charmed by these chips. It had a fairly vague note of spice, so I finished chewing and just felt "eh." The heat isn’t unmanageable, it’s just not worth what you’re giving up in the exchange. While they taste slightly of pepper, there’s no spice to speak of. I can only eat about three of them before I'm reaching for my glass of water, which isn't how I want to enjoy my Flamin' Hot snack. The “Snackwell Effect” documents that consumers with environmentally friendly washers and dryers wash more clothes than they ordinarily would, fully negating the energy-saving effects. Much like Lay's, they're fairly bland in their taste, and the red pepper seasoning isn't always distributed evenly over the chip. The aftertaste includes a slight medicinal pungency, like a freshly scoured hospital room. With the Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, there’s a bit of a negotiation going on. If you must purchase these, I recommend sucking the flavor off, then discarding the actual Cheetos — a proven way to spare yourself the extra calories.

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