snail farming in nigeria 2020

Learn how your comment data is processed. Snail meat contain a high amount of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A … The very important parts of snail farming are mating and laying of eggs. It is more advisable to construct the breeding place with cement, rod, and galvanized wire net, so that they can last longer than when wood or bamboo is used for the construction of the breeding place, as wood and bamboo can be damaged by rain. You don’t even spend much in creating a place for the breeding and they reproduce at a fast rate. To place an order, pay N10,000 to, GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) So be sure that you can make over 100% return on investment. Speaking of the most profitable businesses in agriculture, snail farming is one of them. 3.1 Main Competitors NIGERIA SNAIL FARM ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING/ DESIGN, Hurry now, GET YOUR SNAIL FARMING BUSINESS PLAN. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR SNAIL FARMING BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES Snail Farming Business Plan / Feasibility Studies. Also, there’s a good scale of demand for snail in North America and Europe. Fish Farming Business Plan, Filed Under: Business Plan Samples Tagged With: Snail Farming. Cost and returns of snail farming is one of the critical factors to be considered before investing in snail farming in Nigeria.Cost and returns of snail farming is necessary to evaluate the viability of snail farming for “return on investment”, which however could be foreseeably determined based on certain principles of snail farming. 2.4 Company Locations and Facilities When you invest in snail farming, before long, whatever investment you have put into it, will come back. Your email address will not be published. Very importantly, a suitable breeding place has to be provided for the snail, depending on the population size you want. I need a mentor since I am keen on SNAIL farming, I’m in Ghana how will get business plan for snails farming, and how pay the money, I wan to know where to can recommended sail to start in commercial quantity, I was among those trained by SMEDAN after my retirement, and started the business immediately, and was into it for over 3 years in Byazin, Kubwa – Abuja but the greatest challenge has been accommodation. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are different snails bred in different areas of the world. © 2020 - Daily Media NG. Other expenses are recurring, like the cost of utilities, feeds, inventory etc. Most importantly, ensure that as a beginner, you create your snail farming business plan as this will help you to foresee the likely challenges that may come your way and prepare you well for the business properly. Psquare, Biography,Career,Personal life, Separation, Career, How To Track A Missing Vehicle In Nigeria, Mads Lewis Biography: Age,Net Worth, Wiki, Career, Facts. 4.3 Personnel Plan Wondering what your returns will be like? It’s shell can be used as material for accessories and decorative items. If a lip is there, it means it is a completely grown snail. The snails just demand attention and care as they hardly fall sick and you don’t have to buy their food. If you are able to nurture them well and you get 100,000 snails that goes for N250 at least, let’s do the simple calculation: 250 ×100,000 that means you will be earning N2,500,000. We don't only inform, we transform! Cost of Starting A Snail Farming Business. As it is presently, there’s a high demand for snails locally and internationally than the supplies available. SNAIL PEN CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN WITH 14 STEP BY STEP PICTURES in Nigeria How to Start Snail Farming Business in Nigeria, 5 Simple Guides You Need To Follow In Starting Up Your Snail Farming. These amounts have to split to ascertain whether they are integral to the business or discretional. Although usually underrated, there is a big market chance for snail farming in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With N70,000 or 120,000,you can set up your own snail farm depending on how elaborate you want it to be. For some time now, the only method of getting snails to the market or kitchen is through picking them up from bushes. If properly managed and taken care of, your snail fa can earn you close to N5million twice a year. So if your plan has always been to start snail farming we have just what you need.

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