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Their fur dries more quickly after working in the rain, a swim, or a bath. In addition to reporting for a major newspaper chain, she has been published in "Horse News," "Suburban Classic," "Hoof Beats," "Equine Journal" and other publications. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University and an Associate of Arts from the American Academy of Dramatics Arts, New York City. If you enjoy an active lifestyle like the Border Collie, this breed doesn’t only excel in herding trials or canine sports. The overall look is that of a muscular but nimble worker unspoiled by passing fads. Aside from that difference with the length and texture of their hair, they’re pretty much the same with every other personality and trait. The most … Just because they’re on the medium range of canine sizes, it doesn’t mean that they’re suitable for apartment living. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. What is the best dog food for feeding Border Collies? Rough Collies are also known as the Lassie dog, long-haired Collie, Scottish Collie, and English Collie. This breed’s ability to work is far more vital than its appearance. Do you have a short-haired, smooth coat Border Collie? Collie vs. Border Collie: Which is the right shepherd dog for you? If you don't give him the time and guidance he deserves, he'll find an outlet for his energy -- maybe remodeling your living room, if you get the drift. A toddler walking? You can also find Border Collies, who’s a mixture of the two coat types. Rough coat Border Collies have a variety in length (medium to long), texture, and thickness. Temperament. Some border collies are shy, some outgoing, but all get serious when it comes to work. Originally from the border country between England and Scotland, this dog's purpose was to aid farmers as a canine shepherd, working long hours in difficult terrain. What Is A Smooth Coated Border Collie With Images. They can also have a dense, wooly undercoat together with long guard hairs. Size and appearance of smooth-coated Border Collies. The standard Collie is also active and needs a lot of attention, but they’re excellent at being working and show dogs. Both types of coat are weather-resistant, consisting of a coarsely textured top coat over a softer … A quick brush using a brush can help keep their hair in great condition. Disclaimer Both the rough- and smooth-coated border collies have a top coat and undercoat, dense and resistant to the elements. So expect your Border dog to be either shy or standoffish with strangers. Border collies range between 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing between 25 and 55 pounds. Some Border Collies would have very thick coats that grooming can be a challenge. There are 234 smooth border collie for sale on Etsy, and they cost $16.56 on average. It’s our responsibility as owners to love and care for our pets whether their look is popular or different. Borders have a double-layered coat, where the outer hair is coarse, and the undercoat is soft. That dog’s breed is a Standard Collie that also comes in a smooth or rough coat. One can see if a Border Collie puppy will have a rough coat or a smooth coat once they’re around five weeks of age and onwards. The smooth, short haired Border Collie typically has a coarser coat than the medium-length, rough variety. If you're not familiar with border collies but have general dog experience, you might be amazed at how smart a dog can be. Without one, he'll become miserable and destructive. Technically, the Border Collie comes in two types of coats. They’re more suited for homes that are spacious indoors and outdoors. If you're a workaholic, who'd rather conduct business than any other activity, you'll understand the border collie's mind. All about the Border Collie’s price: Are they expensive? The best ways & tools on how to groom a Border Collie. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Or a short haired Border Collie lost in its own world? Have you seen the movie, Lassie? Let us help you start your search for a smooth-haired Border Collie: It’s much more affordable to adopt a Border Collie, whether it’s a purebred or a mixed breed. As for AKC or American Kennel Club’s breed standard for Border Collies, the smooth-coated dogs have short hair throughout its body, and some feathering on their ruff, haunches, chest, and legs. The temperament of many modern purebred canines bears little resemblance to the work the breed was originally meant to do. Find smooth coated Border Collie puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. He prefers his own human family to strangers. Tell us about your beautiful pooch and share how proud you are of your purebred dog by typing it all in the comment box. Deafness and eye issues also appear in the breed. How to deal with your Border Collie shedding. Border Collies are exceptionally bright that they continually keep the #1 spot as the smartest dog breed. At this point, you know the border collie requires training. Appearance. Each Border Collie is designed for a purpose. The … This breed stands about 18 to 22 inches (46 to 56 cm) tall and weighs between 30 to 45 pounds (14 to 20 kg). They have a straight and dense outer coat that is coarse, but a furry, soft undercoat. Besides, their smooth and short fur doesn’t need excessive grooming as they don’t mat. Needless to say, they’re easier to care for or groom. Some smooth-coated Borders may or may not sport a thick undercoat, and they can either have long and wavy or short and straight guard hair. The rough Collie is more popular compared to the smooth-coated Collie. Privacy Policy Most ranch and farm owners prefer a smooth coat Border Collie, not to discriminate based on coat types, but because they’re easier to maintain. What Is a Smooth-Coated Border Collie? Exceptionally free of genetic diseases for a purebred dog, the primary hereditary problem found in border collies is hip dysplasia.

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