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Canon 6d Tamron 15-30 x 63 image panorama at 30mm F3.2 ISO 5000-6400 25-30s (last few photos were at shorter shutter and higher ISO) tracking mount ... Our ambassador Astrophotobear describes this fantastic image below. To top it off, the Sky-Watcher Classic Dobsonians are equipped with a 2″ Crayford focuser and focuser locking screw –  to allow easy use of either eyepiece size. We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. Intense green airglow in the night sky and a crescent moon starting to rise underneath the Milky Way core. Image 2 - "The Light Within"Nambung National Park in Western Australia. The Dobsonian mounted telescope is popular among amateur astronomers and telescope makers because of its simplicity. The Sky-Watcher breaks down into two components - a 48" long 15 pound optical tube and a 20 pound wooden rocker box altazimuth base. One of Michael’s current focuses is improving night sky appreciation and awareness and one of the projects he is working on is part of a documentary team on the night sky in Western Australia. The zodiacal light (sunlight reflecting off cosmic dust in the inner solar system) creates a triangle of light up to the Milky Way core. Bilya Rock itself is really dark - Bortle 1 with it being pretty distant from light pollution sources for both a rising and setting Milky Way core. Introducing Astrophotobear aka Michael Goh. Big aperture means better light gathering power and with this Sky-Watcher Telescope you are able to see prominent deep-sky object such as nebulae, star cluster and many more. Sky-Watchers retractable FlexTube system makes it easy to transport and store. "Listen" - From our ambassador Astrophotobear. "Bilya" - I understand means - from the river creek or big floods, home. Hundreds of limestone pillars up to 3.5m tall, scatter the desert landscape. Tension Control System Those who have clear skies be sure to check it out. His idea was to mount a Newton telescope on an easy-to-use alt-azimuth mount that does not need time-consuming alignments. In this SkyWatcher 6 review we’ll go over the pros, cons and other important features that the system has so that you can make an informed decision on whether this beginner level telescope is for you or one that you should skip out on. It's also notable to say that he would have been led by the talents of Tommy Windich who was the outstanding Aboriginal bushman who accompanied him on his expeditions. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. The Dobsonian telescopes are named after John Dobson, an amateur astronomer who designed a very simple but effective telescope, where the key factor is a large aperture for little money. It's located around 370km north of Perth. The secret of the design is to correctly balance the optical tube with the specially designed handles (found on the base) and this adds enough friction and tension to allow the tube to move easily when nudged or to stay solidly in position. Sky-Watcher Dobsonian telescopes provide excellent all round performance for the observation the Moon, Planets, Deep Sky Objects and Nebulae. It comes with a good quality 6×30 finderscope, two eyepieces – 25mm and 10mm – and a 2x Barlow that is threaded to accept a camera adaptor. The Heritage 150P Flextube has been added to the series, to deliver a greater light-gathering capacity than the previous largest in the range, the Heritage 130 – increasing it by 33%. The OTC Satellite Earth Station Carnarvon was established in Australia to meet the needs for more reliable higher quality communications for the Apollo space program. In addition, this models include a 2" focuser with a 1.25" adapter, allowing the use of either eyepiece size. A crescent moon sits on top a pinnacle providing a back lit scene. Be careful though because you need to make sure it is firm enough otherwise it tries to suck you into the mud that is the lake bed. ... Be the first to review “Classic 150P DOBSONIAN”. . A capable all-rounder that will provide wonderful views of both the Moon, planets and many deep sky targets. Image 1 - "Exploring the Great Expanse" Salt lakes can be a fantastic location for landscape astrophotography. For this image I wanted to create the feeling of being within the enormity of the stars. All Sky-Watcher products have a 5 year manufacturer warranty (not transferable). He has appeared in numerous publications including photography magazines and science books and periodicals. ... Tonights LIVE stream of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. --- ENTER OUR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2021 COMPETITION >>, Light gathering power (compared to the unaided eye), Eyepiece adaptor from 2″ to 1.25″ with M42 thread. This models also include the new feature-tension control handle. Image 3 - "Destination"Nambung National Park is located in Western Australia - some 200 km north of Perth. The Sky-Watcher Classic Dobsonian Telescope 153mm/1200mm (6") has a "paraboloidal" primary mirror to eliminate spherical aberration and a four-arm, secondary- mirror bracket with fine supports (0.5mm thick), to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss. The low amount of light pollution makes it a fantastic location for star gazing. The new Sky-Watcher Heritage-150P Flextube features the same tried & trusted collimateable parabolic primary mirror as the highly-renowned Explorer-150P. Immediately after this photo I went to take the photo called Nightmare. Over the coming months we will be showcasing our new Sky-Watcher Ambassadors. Bilya Rock in Morawa in Western Australia. The 6" Sky-Watcher Dobsonian is easy to get to your favorite observing site, too, whether that be your own back yard or a dark sky site miles out of town. Those who have clear skies be sure to check it out. WIN AN ESPRIT WORTH $3499!! The Sky-Watcher 10" DOB: The Sweet-Spot for Aperture and Value! The image received an APOD twice. The Carnarvon Tracking station was commissioned in 1964 and operated for 11 years and supported the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs. Welcome to my SkyWatcher Dobsonian 6-inch (also know as the Skyliner 150P) review! Michael Goh is a full-time photographer located in Western Australia primarily capturing astrophotography, commercial, portrait, time-lapse, photospheres, event, video and aerial work. Moon luminosity around 39%. Please select all the ways you would like to hear from Sky-Watcher: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. About this image:"Another World" – Salt lakes during the summer heat sometimes dry up so much that they create interesting textures as the salt rises to the surface, dries and creates pressure ridges before they rupture and crack. It weighs only 35 pounds fully assembled. The Sky-Watchern Explorer 150P with its EQ3-2 mount and aluminium tripod looks good in its black and white livery. Michael also runs photography workshops. Taken in 2015 – on a perfectly calm night you can stand still and all the stars will reflect in the water around you. ... Over the coming months we will be showcasing our new Sky-Watcher Ambassadors.Our team are out under dark skies pushing our gear to the limits and creating amazing astro images! The Sky-Watcher 6″ Dobsonian is a large aperture Newtonian reflector telescope with f/8 focal ratio, make it ideal for wide field and deep-sky observation.

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