skywatcher 120mm refractor

De optiek AC 120/1000: deze refractor biedt een krachtige optiek en een hoge resolutie voor gedetailleerde planetaire waarnemingen. Esprit ED refractor - triplet apochromat telescope from Skywatcher. The SkyWatcher Evostar 120mm Refractor Telescope is a superb compact large aperture Telescope for widefield observation as well as being ideal for serious Lunar and Planetary observation. Skywatcher is offering quality high-end telescopes in apertures of 120mm and 150mm for … De SkyWatcher Evostar-120 is een refractortelescoop. Product Code: 10939-20464 SRP: £634.00 More Info. I have been pining for a good sized refractor for some time. 120mm (4.75") f/1000 REFRACTOR TELESCOPE. Refractors are coveted for their superb contrast, high-definition, and coal-black sky background that make stars appear like diamonds embedded in black velvet. To be clear, this is the cheap 120mm… Hope the holidays are treating everyone well. These three lens element Esprit apochromats are the new top-of-the-range models in Skywatcher's stable. Since I have a pretty strong EQ3 mount, I just purchased only the OTA of the Skywatcher. Sky-Watcher Evostar-120ED DS-PRO 120mm f/900 ED Apo Refractor OTA SW_10204 is een Sky-Watcher telescoop uit de Robtics categorie Refractor (Lens) Telescopen.Specificaties:Telescoop systeem: Losse telescoopbuis (OTA)Telescoop type: Lenzentelescoop (Refractor), Apochromatische refractorTelescoop serie: EvoStarTelescoop merk: Sky-WatcherTelescoop opening (van/tot): 100mm - 149mmTelescoop … After that I quickly went bigger with the Evo9.25. Sky-Watcher high-performance ED-APO refractors offer premium optical performance for the discriminating amateur astronomer. De achromatische refractor behoort met een 120mm opening al tot de categorie van grotere telescopen. Veel amateurastronomen geven de voorkeur aan een goede refractor ook wel lenzentelescoop genoemd, omdat deze scherpe en diffractie-vrije beelden met een hoog contrast geeft. De telescoop geeft u de mooiste en scherpste beelden. With high quality optics and a sturdy EQ3 equatorial mount for easy object tracking this instrument is suitable for all types of observational Astronomy. Hi Everyone,I was planning already for a long time to get a refractor with reasonable aperture, to quickly pop out when it suddenly clears up in the evening. Page 1 of 2 - Skywatcher 120 ED first light and review - posted in Refractors : Hi everyone. My first scope was the Celestron 102 F/10 Omni.

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