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Now when fluoride gets into the blood, uptake by bone removes it from circulation (13). [, DenBesten P., Zhu L., Li W., Tanimoto K., Liu H., Witkowska H.E. (1991). The most common early symptoms of skeletal fluorosis are: When skeletal fluorosis progresses, much more serious health effects kick in. Sci. Dental fluorosis: Clinical dental fluorosis is evident by staining and pitting of the teeth. Skeletal fluorosis’ early symptoms are stiffness and joint pain. In fact, of the millions of Americans with osteoporosis, 80% are female(20). Taurine Ameliorates Renal Oxidative Damage and Thyroid Dysfunction in Rats Chronically Exposed to Fluoride. Second, you’ll have to remove all the fluoride that has accumulated in your body. For example, in the “pre-skeletal” stage, increased bone mass may not be observed but an individual may experience symptoms typically associated with stage 3, such as stiffness, backache or arthritis (spine, hands and fingers). [, Zhao Y, Hao J, Wang J, et al. [3] This in part builds upon the previous section, as one amount of fluoride can have different effects in different people. Hum. The same way fluoride strips the body of calcium, leading to skeletal fluorosis. Am. Eur. Home » Blog » Skeletal Fluorosis (Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention), Casey J Krol | Posted on March 20, 2020 |. Most patients suffering from skeletal fluorosis show side effects from the high fluoride dose such as ruptures of the s… While the earlier fluoride exposure is stopped, the better chance of reversing the effects, or even better- avoiding them entirely. 65(3):371-81 [, Fratzl, P., Roschger, P., Eschberger, J., Abendroth, B. and Klaushofer, K. (1994), Abnormal bone mineralization after fluoride treatment in osteoporosis: A small‐angle x‐ray‐scattering study. Infrequent pain, stiffness of joints, osteosclerosis of pelvis and vertebral column. [2] Most patients suffering from skeletal fluorosis show side effects from the high fluoride dose such as ruptures of the stomach lining and nausea. For instance, in 2011 a group of U.S scientists reported a women with crippling skeletal fluorosis, as evident by her severe hunchback (“kyphosis”), had to wait up to 18 years before doctors were able to diagnose her condition as being caused by fluoride(11). For over 40 years, U.S. health authorities insisted that skeletal fluorosis can not develop unless a person ingests 20 milligrams of fluoride per day for over 10 years. Unfortunately this leaves many individuals undiagnosed until the advanced stage of crippling fluorosis. Food Sci. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Skeletal Fluorosis: A “Diagnostic Riddle” One of the reasons doctors fail to detect skeletal fluorosis is because the symptoms and appearance of fluorosis can closely resemble other, more commonly known, bone and joint diseases. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Let’s continue to learn more about its effects, symptoms and ways of treating the disease. On top of personal risk factors, the following lifestyle factors also play a role: The problem with current knowledge across North America is the belief that skeletal fluorosis does not occur at water fluoride levels below 4 ppm. On-going fluoride exposure can lead to “crippling skeletal fluorosis” the most severe case of the disease. According to the NRC, in the absence of other sources of fluoride, the consumption of drinking water with a fluoride level of 1 ppm, fluoride bone concentration can reach 2500 mg/kg in twelve years and to 3000 to 4000 mg/kg over longer periods(2). Journal of the American Medical Association 265:486-8 [, Błaszczyk I, Birkner E, GutowskaI. (NRC 1993; Whitford 1996; IOM 1997; ATSDR 2003). In skeletal fluorosis, fluoride accumulates in the bone progressively over many years. This is due to fluoride’s negatively charged nature that allows it to react with positively charged ions like calcium. Increase in bone mass, generally no symptoms but stages 1 and 2 symptoms may start to emerge. Other symptoms include thickening of the bone structure and accumulation of bone tissue, which both contribute to impaired joint mobility. It is not necessary that all symptoms are present at the same time. A situation that could be easily avoided if more doctors and individuals took into account an individual’s lifetime exposure to fluoride. Going generally unnoticed until it progresses to obvious visual signs (right). Inter Health. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3156.2012.03061.x. Leaving those with skeletal fluorosis at an increased risk of fracture(16). For example, when bone change occurs during skeletal fluorosis, it closely imitates other diseases like osteoarthritis, renal osteodystrophy, spondylosis, DISH, Paget’s Disease and osteopetrosis( 11 ). Now since fluoride causes dental, skeletal and non-skeletal effects throughout the body, a person can use this to their advantage (6,7).

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