simple painted birdhouses

Each birdhouse is made out of pine. Super sweet and easy. 11 / 16. Further project details and easy tutorial here feltmagnet. Log Cabin Bird Houses : Make your birds this log cabin style home and they'll want to stay forever. Then attach the birdhouse to a fence or post. Tea Kettle Birdhouse. If you have an artist in the family, try painting a pretty design on a wooden birdhouse. Most of those little decorations came from a miniature set we bought with this in mind. There are lots of high-design birdhouses on the market – and plenty of the old classics, with updates. Simple Painted Birdhouse. She didn’t care what size, or what they were. Straw bird house with wooden covering designed in the shape of a bee hive. The 12 in x 7 in x 5.5 in Birdhouse comes in the distressed finish with the decorative metal piece around the entrance. So, I just put together these simple ones to let her paint on. Mix paint to achieve desired colors. Cylinder wooden bird house. All we did here was paint the birdhouse and add some flowers, bees, and grass onto it for fun. Paint surfaces of birdhouse, one color at a time, and leave out to dry on Freezer Paper Sheets (so the paint doesn’t stick to anything). Simple Painted Birdhouses. Simple symmetrical bird house that is painted to look like a home. The "Sheila" Birdhouse Stake features a sloped roof and curved structure. Project by SteveKorz: posted 06-28-2008 07:12 PM: 6708 views: 1 time favorited: 14 comments: My wife came to me and wanted some brightly colored birdhouses to put around our back porch. Simple and Easy DIY Bird House Tutorial: ... Next you can paint your birdhouse in any paint color combination creating a gorgeous appeal of the birdhouse! Modern Birdhouse : Not all birdhouses have to be boring, and this modern one will make you smile. A-frame wooden bird house with small cut branches forming the sides/roof. Here we painted the house with polka dots. Painted Birdhouse. Purple Martins nest in colonies – birdhouse apartments. At the end of each season, clean out the bedding material, scrub the birdhouse with mild bleach water, rinse out well and allow it to dry in the sun for years of enjoyment. Bluebird Bird Houses: Your bluebirds will love these simple birdhouses that are nailed to trees. That’s too small for a starling to enter (a good thing). DIY Turn Popsicles Into An Adorable Bird House Tutorial: Get also smartly crafty with popsicle sticks to build brilliant looking birdhouses just at a drop of hat! Polka Dot Birdhouse. This DIYer used a tea kettle from a thrift store … We also added some decorative elements, like the little sign, door, flower pot, and fence. You may already have some items around the house that you could upcycle and transform into a birdhouse. add an additional coat of paint, and once dry, sand until smooth with 1500 grit sand paper. Box-style bird house with sloped roof designed to attach to a flat surface such as a fence or the side of a house. Once dry, sand painted surfaces with 1500 grit sand sand paper. Skillfully crafted from durable metal and hand painted with an Antique copper finish, this collection includes four beautifully constructed birdhouses with intricate designs and small bird details, each perched atop a sturdy three prong garden stake. Photo: Courtesy of UpcycledStuff on YouTube. Bluebirds, wrens and swallows all like smaller openings to the house – about 1 1/2″. Different houses attract different birds.

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