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Right click and drag the file into the body of your email. Actually, it is quite easy to create a hyperlink to a specific folder with the Hyperlink function in Excel. Open the specific folder you want to link to Excel cell, copy the folder path in the address bar. It's day one, and you've got a high-intensity chest, triceps, and abs workout on tap. Try using drive P: for the Pictures folder on a shared PC, for example, or V: for Videos. You'll be hitting multi-joint exercises for 9-to-11 reps per set. Click Edit Hyperlink from the shortcut menu. We "not the owner" of the excel workbook sometimes do not have the latest version of the file when we try to open via "Open in Excel" option within the OneDrive website location. 1. Create a hyperlink to a specific folder in Excel. Please do as follows. I would consider myself an advanced lifter and have completed both shortcut to size and shortcut to shred. I loved them both and no they aren't a "shortcut". There's no tutorial. In the second week of the Shortcut To Shred diet you drop carbs down to 1 gram per pound of body weight and then in weeks 4-6, you drop carbs again down to 0.5 grams per pound. Save you Excel file to a network location where other people can access it (the fastest way is by using the Ctrl + S shortcut). If you're logged into your Microsoft account, doing so will open the last tab you had open. I have an excel workbook which is shared with me and other members. There is no "easy" day. 38 mins 14 secs, Moderate. If you choose to assign a drive letter, consider using one that includes a mnemonic shortcut. Click Create Hyperlink Here. See screenshot: If done correctly, the word [Shared] will appear to the right of the workbook's name as shown in the screenshot below: Now, you and your colleagues can work on the same Excel file at the same time. Through the size program not only did I see the results I wanted, but also saw strength gains. Do Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 1 - Chest, Triceps, Abs. Shortcut to Shred is an intense, six-week fat loss plan that combines my fat-loss technique carioacceleration with the proven muscle mass and strength building techniques linear periodization and reverse linear periodization. This is a very effective strategy for continuing to drop body fat without hitting a plateau… for most people. SHORTCUT TO SHRED NUTRITION PLAN FAT CARBS Phase 1, Week 1: 1.5 g per pound of bodyweight Phase 2, Weeks 2-3: 1 g per pound of bodyweight Phase 3, Weeks 3-6: 0.5 g per pound of bodyweight In Phases 1 and 2, your caloric intake is different on workout days and rest days, because on rest days you will not ingest a pre- or post-workout meal. Shortcut to Shred starts with a bang. Shortcut menu displays. Right click the link text. Just a catchy name to get people to view the workouts. The "online" version of the file is the latest but not the one opened via "Open in Excel" option. It's a green app with a white "X" on it. Edit Hyperlink dialog box displays. If you aren't logged in, tap Sign in when prompted and enter your Microsoft account email address and password, then tap Sign in followed by Start using Excel. A link to your file displays containing the full path and file name of your document. Open Excel.

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