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Contrary to popular belief, crocodiles like fresh, not rotten meat and, fortunately for Mainland, this includes the heads and feet of chicken, which are all that remains of the bird when Tablebirds has killed and packed its supermarket version. Appointed General Manager to Mainland Holdings in 1976, Goudie was a shrewd and patient adviser to his shareholders. 0. Small-scale poultry farming is a very important livestock activity for rural livelihood in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea * Worked in a poultry processing plant to produce chicken meat of high quality according to HACCP standards. Both of them are close to popular betel nut centres! Then in 1979 came crocodiles, also mainly collected by villagers and bought from them to be raised on the farm. By the time its fleet was sold in 1987 when road transport on the new Highway and a network of feeder roads was plainly more economic, it was running no less than nine aircraft. “What today makes Mainland special,” says Group General Manager Paul Stobbs, “is the extraordinary vision displayed by its founder just a few years […] P.O Box 1208 Vision City, Waigani Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Call Us On +675 7149 0397 Facebook; Twitter This was subsequently relocated in 1998 to a brand-new purpose-built farm at Atzera in the upper Markham Valley. The company also manufactures & distributes Three Roses Flour, Get Cracking Fresh Eggs, Stockfeed, Day Old Chicks, Crocodile Skins & Meat. Profits were put by, not spent, and as opportunities arose, other companies were purchased. Aside from coffee, Mainland has six other divisions, the largest of which is Tablebirds, which produces ‘3 Roses’ flour at its own mill close to Lae and also supplies over 65% of PNG’s fresh and frozen chicken … The purchase of Huon Electrical in 1979 gave Mainland the modest electrical installation and servicing capacity which was, and still is, essential to its Tablebirds and Crocodile Farm operations. A small building section, started slightly earlier, is now a major construction firm. Generally speaking, the faster a bird grows, the more tender the meat is but there are extremes. This is a current example of the kind of horizontal integration, dear to the hearts of economists, in which Mainland has always specialised with notable success. Today this company handles refrigeration, electronics, generator and electric motor repairs and rewinding, as well as contracting and wholesaling, the latter section now doing 75% of its business outside the group. Coffee was the foundation of the business and is still very important. The Barastoc table bird range provides the highest quality, grain-based feeds for all stages of your poult’s development. It’s clear that though Graham Goudie died some years ago, his spirit lives on. 3 Cups mashed Sweet Potato or Kau Kau 3 Tablespoons butter 3 Tablespoons finely sliced onions 3 eggs ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 Tablespoon milk salt and pepper to taste. A quarter of a million chickens could be destroyed if rain and flooding along Lae-Bulolo Highway continues for another week. Since then it has never looked back. 38550 Niugini Table Birds Head Office - Markham Rd Six Mile Lae PO Box 962 Lae Ph: 472 6644 Fax: 472 6504 Email: 38560 Poultry Dealers Niugini Table Birds Administration Ph: 472 6444 Fax: 472 6504 “What today makes Mainland special,” says Group General Manager Paul Stobbs, “is the extraordinary vision displayed by its founder just a few years before Independence and the present composition of its shareholders”. But increasing passenger traffic meant less space for coffee, so it seemed sensible for Mainland to purchase its own airline. For a tasty, easy to cook chicken meal, just take them out of the bag & straight into the oven. Tablebirds has recently launched stuffed & seasoned flavoured chickens – created to make cooking easy. Join and be part of our growing list of retailers & business partners who choose WGPNG as the number 1 Online & Social Medium to get noticed. Two service stations selling diesel and petrol, as well as kerosene and lubricants, and dealing in fast food, are now landmarks on the Highlands Highway. Tablebirds has recently launched stuffed & seasoned flavoured chickens – created to make cooking easy. Mainland Holdings in Lae is a big company, with an extraordinary diversity of interests, but there are plenty of companies in Papua New Guinea with multiple interests, which are just as big. These birds are called table birds, fryers, broilers, meat birds or roasters. Tablebirds PO Box 962 Lae Markham Rd 6 Mile, LAE Ph: 472 6444 Tablebirds Stockfeed PO Box 962 Lae Speybank St, LAE Ph: 472 3499 Top Rural Supplies Limited PO Box 980 Mt Hagen MT HAGEN Ph: 542 1449 Yanduo Supplies PO Box 1351 Wewak Dagua Rd, WEWAK Ph: 456 3570 1 A road transport company makes a major contribution, significantly because it also offers customs clearance and export handling at PN G’s busiest port. Niugini Tablebirds is the largest supplier of premium fresh & frozen chicken products in Papua New Guinea. In 1990, Tablebirds was asked to take over the Department of Agriculture and Livestock’s grandparent farm at Erap, which supplied eggs to all the chicken producers in PNG. Seen in the supermarket, Nuigini Tablebirds (2,500 chickens a week) might seem a world away from coffee, but this business too was a rural one, based on small-holder skills. Niugini Tablebirds imports fertile eggs of hybrid broiler grandparent stock from which the final chicks are derived through parental crosses, while Zenag Chicken imports fertile eggs of parent stock. Nowadays breeding and ranching have increased dramatically, following a K2 million programme of investment during the eighties, bringing the captive population of crocs to a current 25,000. By 1974 the mill was a wholly owned subsidiary of the co-operative. Stuffed & Seasoned Chickens Ready To Cook. Baked Sweet Potato. Department of Lands and Physical Planning, Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources. The mature chickens are bought back several weeks later to be turned into the supermarket product which Tablebirds supplies all over PNG. The Lae coffee mill was owned by the Goudie family, long term residents of Lae, and was run by Graham Goudie. Staple foods in Papua New Guinea are taro, bananas, kaukau - sweet potatoes and sago. “Our Tablebirds chicken, eggs and day old chicks have become very popular and we want to have these products readily available for all the people of PNG.” “We will also make our popular Tablebirds stock feed more available for the people of Port Moresby as we continue our growth,” he said.

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