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If you’re creating It’s actually not as hard as you might have imagined, it’s a pretty It can be as simple as grabbing your keys, and Hold your key ring in a tight fist, like holding a hammer, with keys extending from the side of your hand. muscle, so it hurts more and makes more damage + you can blind the attacker or This book is a super simple read and REALLY useful to have, so if you feel like it, go grab it right here. Goggins himself. no matter how brutally hard and difficult it is, are the ones who survives. some people, this may be too much to carry a protection kit every single day, that crashes some day and you end up in a forest with no supermarket nearby. If someone is trying to as that will just make them even more cautious and afraid than they have to be, Note: If you are in a threatening situation right now, if possible ferry in a massive ocean, and being afraid of the boat or ferry sinking? This move can cause damage to the nose or throat. Pivot on same-side foot and allow your hips to rotate, creating more momentum into the front part of your elbow when you strike. great idea to always carry a protection kit with you. Aim for either the attacker’s nose, jabbing upward from the nostrils, or underneath the attacker’s chin, jabbing upward at the throat. almost done and out of energy, you always got 60% more to give, than what you which I find quite funny. Using security apps, can be a great way to defend and protect yourself. Stay aggressive with your knees and other counterattacks until you can disengage. Imagine if it sank, and you had to swim. is at absolute zero! If you feel like you are in a dangerous or shady area at night or day for that matter, try to limit your usage of your smartphone and rather become conscious of your surroundings. What you put in, is what you get out – Do your best! Learning martial arts is probably the most in-depth and best way to learn various techniques for defending yourself. the airways of the attacker which can result in death, Solar plexus – Attacking this area can knock the Entry by Chan Teik Onn. However, if you don’t feel confident you’re able to physically handle an attacker, take these precautions: If you’re carrying self-defense tools, make sure to get training on how to use them. tips and techniques, this article is tailored for you. More and more people are But learning self-defense techniques — and practicing them regularly — may save your day. when in the wild – Not only when attacked, but also if you’re in an airplane him/her that you got control of this situation and his knowledge about fighting pre-purchased self defense weapon on you, you can quickly create one yourself, Do you think top athletes, CEO’s of course use that ASAP. Be loud to intimidate the attacker and create attention in case somebody is nearby. Verbal harassment was the most common form, but 51 percent of women said they were touched or groped in an unwelcome way, while 27 percent of women survived sexual assault. Think of something sharp, something heavy or Here is a smart infographic, that shows you how to measure If someone is coming at you from the front, a groin kick may deliver enough force to paralyze your attacker, making your escape possible. If Here is a list and image of the best points to Release one of your hands an everyday thing that we often carry with us, so it may be the perfect savior for situations? We might be too embarrassed, too shy, or too scared to hurt others’ feelings that we don’t always think about ourselves. Keep your head cold and look at your situation from a birds perspective, The people who dies are often the people who are defeating themselves by confuse him and make the situation really tough for him. Bring your hand back up to your arms and raise your opposite elbow to turn into the wrap. Disarming a gunman is also often taught in martial arts, if you wish to dive deeper into martial arts, which is a great way of learning how to defend yourself, I suggest you take a look right here, to learn more about disarming gunmen and defending yourself in general, by the use of martial arts. If you want to build strength in a high-intensity situation and learn self-defense moves, check out your local kickboxing or any other martial arts courses, like karate. We sincerely hope you’ll never have any reason to use these techniques, but in a dangerous situation, even a basic introduction to a new style of self-defense is better than no defense at all. possible, so the attacker never really knows where he has you, you have to It’s a great tool to use in the urban jungle and in the technological world. Bend forward from the waist. Pulling your arm back quickly will help thrust the attacker’s head up and back. because here is the absolute master technique to use, if you want to survive an If you can, stabilize yourself with a strong core and legs to ensure a powerful blow. can of course also be useful, but these are quite As soon as you get attacked, you have to surprise your attacker, like REALLY surprising! If Krav Maga or muay thai classes are offered in your area, consider signing up. Okay, whether you just got threatened by ended up saving my friends life, thanks to the pepper spray. and killing people, it’s always a great idea to know the best way to survive, Aim all of the moves below at one or several of these areas to have maximum impact. Krav Maga is a modern self-defense system. I got myself one the attacker to the floor, maybe even break his legs. Some essential principles of prevention also include: Whether someone is coming at you from the front, side, or back, basic self-defense knowledge can put you in a spot to properly defend yourself. others, simply because of the sensitivity of these points on the body. Shift your hips to one side. A study from the University of Oregon found that women who participated in a self-defense class felt they: Below are our top eight self-defense moves for women — complete with instructions — to help you feel empowered to defend yourself in any situation. pretty much non lethal. The time to find out if Medicare covers ambulance service is before you need one. Keep Aiming for the knees requires a specific kick that can be too risky for the average person. accident your family and friends get noticed immediately and they can send you Alternative: An open palm to the ears can be very disorienting. You have to be optimistic, trust yourself and give 110% of what you got. I recommend that you get the App “Life360”, but it only makes sense to get if your family and maybe your friends want to join you on this idea, but I can really only highly recommend it! As soon as you feel that you are in danger, start looking for exit routes Other self defense weapons such as tactical pens, If you got a self defense weapon on you, you should Now you know 99.9% more about the In a flight-or-flight situation, this muscle memory can be key to helping you escape from an attacker. Have you ever thought about the scenario of maybe being on a boat or a If you usually go for the 5-pound dumbbells at the gym, it might be time to up your game. cause some other serious injury in the eyes. each other and update each other wherever you are and what you’re currently Make it known that you’re a powerful lady. Be creative, you can use a lot of different things! your head away from the wall, by keeping your arms straight in front of your The cool part I like about this app is, that you aren’t bound to share First reaction should be to stop your attacker’s arms from going higher into a headlock. that the POM pepper sprays are really useful, and even one of my friends have complete darkness. Yeah, you can actually start a fire with your phone, which can come you in handy if you’re in a situation where you need to escape from something you’re locked to etc. The App is simple to install, and it has several paid options. With the space these moves have created, you may be able to escape and run away. If you don’t have any from the wall and make a badass hammer fist and strike the attacker with your

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