selenic acid uses

He Selenious acid Is an inorganic compound of formula H 2 SW 3 Which stands out for being the main oxacid of selenium (the other is selenic acid). It is a colorless compound. The so-called cold-bluing process uses selenous acid, copper(II) nitrate, and nitric acid to change the color of the steel from silver-grey to blue-grey or black. Serves as an oxidizing agent. \(SeO_2+H_2O_2\rightarrow H_2SeO_4\) Selenic acid is a strong dibasic acid with the formula H 2 SeO 4.It can be manufactured by oxidising selenium compounds in lower oxidation states. Alternative procedures use copper sulfate and phosphoric acid instead. Reacts exothermically with many reducing agents including hydroiodic acid, sulfurous acid, sodium hyposulfite, hydroxylamine salts, hydrazine salts, hypophosphorous acid, phosphorous acid [Merck]. Uses. It is an oxoacid of selenium, and its structure is more accurately described as (HO)2SeO2. Although it has few uses, its derivative sodium selenate is used in the production of glass and animal feeds. One of the methods includes oxidising selenium dioxide with hydrogen peroxide. Its structure is similar to that of the Sulphurous acid . Oxidizes many organic substances. Each mL contains 60 mcg selenium present as 98 mcg of selenious acid and Water for Injection q.s. Selenic acid is the inorganic compound with the formula H2SeO4. The compound is prepared by dissolving selenium oxide in hot water and then allowed to cool. Selenious Acid Injection, USP is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, clear, colorless solution intended for use as a trace element and additive to intravenous solutions for parenteral nutrition. The major use is in protecting and changing the color of steel, especially steel parts on firearms. Is oxidized to selenic acid by strong oxidizing agents.

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