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We’re wrapping up our Seagull guitars review with the Excursion 12-string guitar. Perfect for trips and vacations, among other things. Initially, we thought that we were testing out the very same S6, only with a different finish. As classy as the original S6, the Entourage is still different enough to deserve the second spot in our Seagull Guitars review. Copyright © 2015 - 2020 - - Privacy Policy. But is it possible that they’ve made nearly 700 guitars per week? You’ll need to contact Godin and tell them your serial number and they can tell you when the guitar was made. I’ll go into more detail about how you can decipher this in a bit. Hey Nate, would like to know the year my Seagull S6 Coastline Folk Cedar was made. Guitarchords247 is supported by our readers. Cheers Pete. This generation is rather plain in general, with exceptions being the Studio Concert Hall and Peppino signature (which stand out from the rest by featuring a beautiful outward appearance). It’s not as famous as the models we’ve covered so far, and there’s a high chance that you wouldn’t get to hear about it if it wasn’t in this review. Possibly the most successful Seagull series, the S6 houses some of the finest acoustic guitars available for the money, including the S12 Concert Hall CW, S6 Cedar Original slim, the Original slim QIT, and, of course, the S6 original true to form. The last 3 digits represents the order in which this guitar was produced in that week. This guitar rocks a non-cutaway Dreadnought body and an exemplary set of electronics. Best bet is to contact Godin to find out when it was built. It’s slightly wider than a neck of virtually all Seagull guitars, improving the unmatched playability these guitars boast. O.k. I looked under the Seagull name where seagull’s web site says the serial number should be for regeristing the unit but the line is just a blank blue line. We look at the most popular options and what is used for what. Initially, we thought that La Patrie Etude wasn’t made by Seagull since it wasn’t available on their official site, but after scrounging through the market we’ve found out that our assumptions were incorrect. What speaks volumes about Entourage’s sturdiness is the fact that the neck was set into the body, rather than glued to it. But I could have counted wrong and happy to be corrected, there. If there’s an “AA” or “AAA” in the serial number this represents the grade of wood. Namely, the nut affects the overall playability (though only slightly), and with S6 it means that you’ll have an easier time playing standalone notes while you’ll have an (again, slightly) difficult time grabbing the chords. About: In 1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. The only issue we have with La Patrie Etude is poor marketing. Since this is one of the, perhaps, least popular guitars in Seagull’s assortment, it’s only natural that it doesn’t cost as much. Seagull’s Entourage belongs to the bottom bracket of the “moderately expensive” price point category. Initially, we thought that Seagull’s engineers made at least a dozen adjustments over the years, but it seems that the original S6 is, well, the same as the original. One thing is certain, though – if you’re looking for quality and have some cash to spend on it, you’re looking for a Seagull guitar. Now, it’s only natural to expect a certain level of sturdiness from a mid-priced guitar such as S6, but it’s safe to say that this particular model is as robust as they make them. There are plenty of things you’ll like about it, such as the remarkable neck build, exceptional quality of tone, and, of course, the breathtaking aesthetics. But certainly over 100 guitars per day very likely in 1999. Next up is Seagull’s Entourage Autumn Burst guitar. But even though they are high up in the Seagull hierarchy, they are still really affordable for the quality you get. I had looked on the headstock several times before and did not see it. 2) Do you have the specifications of above guitar – ie. Truth be told, almost all guitars from the Maritime series are a bit costly, and Burnt Umber is not an exception. Thanks for your message. So if the year is 2005, then it starts August 1 2004 and ends July 31 2005. The first striking difference is the fact that S6 Q1 is a semi-acoustic guitar. There is no secret code in these numbers! Although gratis features are quite common with brands as popular as Seagull, they certainly come in handy, even if you already have the gear you need. You’ll find the Cedar 12, Cedar 12 QIT, Cedar Folk, Cedar Folk QIt, Cedar Grand, Grand QIT, and Momentum here, all of which sport a straightforward appearance and a formidable feature outfit.

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