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And perhaps it is even more terrifying that their heads are MEANT to look like that. There are around 10,000 known species of birds in the world, and well over 1,000 of them are endangered or threatened. Weirdly enough, the blue-footed boobies don't seem to mind much, though we're not sure why. At Jen's party, there's going to be a bird eating a human who's ejecting birds from his butt. Birds can be beautiful and environmentally helpful but also dangerous and deadly. They peck at other birds until they bleed, and then they drink the blood as it flows. You might have seen the now viral video of a little boy named Max wailing as he is pursued by a particularly full-on magpie. They go for the eyes, and can leave serious flesh wounds or head injuries, with some attacks being fatal. In 2016, 13 bird species were declared extinct , and many are still headed in that direction. It will kill all the other chicks in the nest within an hour. It has what looks like genitals for a beak and a shark fin for a hat and they are literally the least problematic things about it. If that happened to me I would yell for the rest of eternity and nothing would ever be fine again. They are looking everywhere and nowhere all at once, which is off-putting and rude. Scary Facts About Birds. However, the greater honeyguide takes it a step further: its chick is born in another bird's nest just like the cuckoo, but the honeyguide has a much shorter game plan in mind. These chicks are born with a specialized beak sporting spikes at the tip. Anhinga are more commonly known as Snake Birds. There are a few birds out there that are somewhat carnivorous, but few are as creepy as the vampire finch. Click on a term to search for related topics. And Max is traumatised. I was amazed at just how dangerous bird faeces are and had to … The expression “teaching about the birds and the bees” to explain the process of human reproduction to young people is not an accidental expression. Latin name: Pithecophaga jefferyi; Unique weird feature: Spikey hair-do and eats monkeys Let’s say you’re hot. If you've ever seen Hitchcock's classic film The Birds, you know that birds can be absolutely terrifying. The video has been viewed millions of times, as well as broadcast on national news programs. behavioural ecologist named Dr Darryl Jones. random scary facts about birds, scary bird facts, scary facts about birds, scary facts about parrots, weird facts about congo, weird facts parrots, wierd facts about parrots. Birds and bees are something most of us take for granted as part of nature. Some species of eagles can carry off large mammals — including antelopes. It’s just exactly what she meant. Other similar finches prefer to pick parasites off of other animals for nutrients, but the vampire finch has evolved to pecking past just the skin. The IUCN has recognized 742 bird species in recent years, and at least 11% of those species have been found to be threatened or endangered. They can victimise someone easily.”. Their legs look like sticks which is ridiculous and their eyes are beady and full of malicious thoughts but also intentions. Wikimedia Commons Hieronymus Bosch, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," details, 1480-1505 Pretty sure every horror film has taught me that you shouldn't look into this guy's eyes. This has to do with illegal trade, unsustainable agriculture, and even destruction of habitat and invasive species edging them out. And we shouldn’t lump together animals as a group. & Bees And Bayer AG. The Hood Mockingbird is an aberrant member of the Thrasher family of birds found on the Galapagos... 6 As Mallory Ortberg once said, “The sky needs to calm down of birds,” and, no, that isn’t a typo. Several Species Of Birds Keep Cool By Defecating On Themselves. Vampire … LISTEN: No birds on Santa’s lap, please. In 2016, 13 bird species were declared extinct, and many are still headed in that direction. The Birds II: Land's End premiered on Showtime on … Why is your face rotting? “They look at eyes and faces,” he explains. Hawks, owls, and other members of the raptor family are very protective of their young and sometimes can be violent. Philippine Eagle a.k.a Haring Ibon. Anhinga. The boy bled to death quickly. In short, this baby bird is adapted perfectly to kill other chicks. Magpies know your face and also where you live. Vote up the facts about birds that are disturbing or just plain terrifying: it's no wonder Hitchcock picked birds as the creep-inducing creature for his horror film. Granville was gravely injured, and as Philip tried to run away he fell. 1. Later, the baby's hook simply falls off the beak, its purpose served. In other words, leave them alone, and they won't kick-stab you in the neck. There are adaptations that keep birds alive in inhospitable environments as well as behavioral quirks that make birds quite humorous. Scary feature: Sucks the blood of birds and livestock (rarely humans) Range: Mexico, Central, and South America; Size: Height: 2.75 to 3.75 inches (7 to 9.5 cm); Weight: 0.7 to 2 ounces (19 to 57 g); Wingspan: 5.9 to 7 inches (15 to 18 cm) Diet: Blood Big Bird is the ultimate jet-setter and has traveled the world doing concerts, live shows, and book tours. In the midst of the crisis, Max’s dad did what any self-respecting father would do. As an added creepy factor, it's also been shown that once a finch finds a victim they enjoy, they will actually return to the same animal multiple times to continue to feed. The Southern Cassowary disembowels humans. I think we can all agree it is time to talk about birds. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). But I digress. Birds are mysterious because I don’t personally know what they do all day except to… fly to nowhere. So naturally, the human will have to do a sexy little mating dance complete with come hither bird calls and everything. Naturally. And if the bird likes what it sees and hears and starts to feel the call of the wild, it will fly onto the breeders head and go to town. These small birds live in the Galápagos, and feed in large part on the blood of other animals, including threatened blue-footed boobies. The Snowy Owl is sneaky and will emerge with absolutely no warning, before attacking a human's face. Many people in north Queensland have to wear hats with fake eyes on the back to deter swooping magpies which would be absurd if it wasn't so necessary. It’s Magpie season in Australia, — Klara Sjöberg (@klara_sjo) September 28, 2020. When they die they FALL OUT OF THE SKY ONTO PEOPLE SOMETIMES IN VERY RARE INSTANCES. 1. Hood Mockingbird. So, if a vampire finch decides you taste good, it'll be coming back for seconds. Excuse me while I never leave my house again and continue googling 'scary bird facts' for the remainder of my life. Philip and Granville McLean, a pair of teenage brothers, came across a cassowary and their dog attacked it. Vote up the terrifying facts about birds that will give you nightmares tonight. Latin name: Strigops habroptilus. 10 Scary Facts Behind the World’s Most Adorable Animals ... or, in the case of the ghost slug, to seize and devour earthworms. Posted on April 17, 2017 Part of my passion for bird deterrents is to continually research information. Do you feel scary seeing this bird? When they rise up from the depths of a swamp, just their neck... 7 What is on their… agenda? So, even if you find a bird creepy or scary, remember that the world would be a much more scary place without them. But that's not to say that these facts are things that will make you hate birds; some of their characteristics are actually quite cool. Among the world’s ten thousand bird species, there are some with bizarre habits, odd diets, and downright scary features. 7-1-12. List RulesVote up the terrifying facts about birds that will give you nightmares tonight. And more importantly, what are they… planning? If all the birds in the world got together they could destroy the whole of humanity. It has too many feathers and sometimes they look… oily. They can remember a face for up to five years which is precisely five years too long. 8 If you change your route to work for example, it doesn’t matter because the magpie knows where you live and WILL find you.

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