sapele vs okoume plywood

Like the Okoume, there are no seams or patches, and the panel carries the BS1088 rating and Lloyds registration. No wood repairs are used in the face. When this customer told us that these panels would be used for flooring, we knew immediately that it wouldn’t stand up to the abuse. Pricing/Availability: Most commonly sold as veneer, Okoume should be moderately priced for an imported hardwood, though highly figured pieces tend to be more expensive. Inner ply’s can consist of two or more species of veneer and core gaps shall not exceed 3.2mm (1/8″). Once we had all the information about how the customer planned to use the plywood, the solution was obvious, and we suggested working with our other marine panel by Bruynzeel that is 100% Sapele (1510 psi Janka). It allows us to create a panel perfectly matched to the customer’s usage. Previously, they had used a Birch core, and that is more than 3 times harder (1200 psi Janka) than the Okoume. is a really powerful marine grade plywood. BS-1088 grading demands the very same species during (face, back, and center), defect-free A Grade Face veneer without any repairs. The customer told us that the panel did not meet their stress test. Baltimore MD, 21213. Okoumé Marine Sapele is rated as being compliant with BS-1088, and it will be a British Standard for Marine Sapele. It stinks well and is of a moderate weight. Every wood veneer will probably be out of tropical hardwoods, also will have slight heart difference, limiting the likelihood of trapping water from the plywood and thus giving a strong and secure glue bond. Okoume as a species is rated as a non-durable wood. Marine Meranti is made in accordance with British Standard BS-6566 which requires that the Face veneers shall be at least 1mm thick after sanding. Sometimes we need a face veneer the same thickness at the inner plies (usually around 1.5 mm), so the result is a much higher quality and balanced panel. Every wood veneer is going to be the very same species during (Fir, Okoume, and Meranti), and also have minimum heart gap, restricting the likelihood of trapping water from the plywood and thus giving a strong and secure paste bond. Programs for Marine Fir may be home jobs, commercial jobs, counter underlayment, in addition to closets, furniture, boat houses, wooden toys, garage & carports; shelving closets, playhouses, programs for mattress frame, overlay software, outdoor signs, ship construction, docks, and much more. We can make arrangements to deliver wholesale plywood anywhere in North America via LTL common carriers as well as arrange for export shipments. Shelmarine® okoume Plywood. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a81d3f971e2e371a911dbe066a51d41f" );document.getElementById("bfb7a46e7e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Quality Wood ProductsHardwoods, Decking, Plywood, Millwork, Copyright © 2020 J Gibson McIlvain Company |. Marine Fir AB is marine-grade plywood that’s made completely of Fir veneers. Bruynzeel offers us the option for face veneers with many different thicknesses. In many cases, the panel is used in cabinetry. It employs an outside Water and Boil Proof (WBP) glue. Our Marine Okoume plywood includes a Lloyd’s of London postage which certifies it to be BS 1088. Marine-grade plywood, frequently called Marine Sapele, is made from durable confront and heart veneers with few flaws; therefore it performs more in both moist and moist conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. Marine Sapele works well in moist conditions, humidity, or anywhere it’ll be subjected to moisture. Required fields are marked *. It can also be used for building furniture or on kitchen cabinets because of its lustrous appearance. Needless to say, this customer is thrilled, and they have become true believers in this Bruynzeel modular approach just like us. Your satisfaction is our top concern. Some of the applications for Marine Meranti can include boat building, soffits, transport industry, joinery work (interior & exterior), cladding, interior fittings and more. We supplied a sample of Teak and Holly Bruynzeel on the Okoume core, and the customer was thrilled with the face and the high quality core. Okoume is perfect for boat construction, soffits, the transpiration business, joinery work (exterior & interior ), cladding, interior fittings and much more. We feel pretty strongly that these two types of marine grade panels can cover the gambit of marine construction: The above example is the perfect illustration of how a problem was solved with a custom panel that fit the durability and aesthetic needs of a customer. Our Marine Okoume plywood includes a Lloyd’s of London postage which certifies it to be BS 1088. It’s thought to be a premium tier panel to be used in scenarios where these attributes are demanded. Chesapeake Plywood  3400 East Biddle Street. We are a Plywood Wholesale Company and have a $250.00 minimum for customer will call pick up and a $500.00 minimum for free delivery Business to Business in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and South-Central Pennsylvania. This increases the durability and structural power of Marine Sapele which makes it a fantastic option for marine building. I truly believe there is not a finer made panel out there, and this is one of the reasons we have built out such an extensive product line with both Okoume and Sapele marine panels. Our Premium Ribbon Stripe Sapele plywood is applied to a BS1088 okoume marine plywood WBP substrate. Published: June 18, 2019 | Author: Shannon RogersLeave a Comment. Its structure is such it may be utilized in environments where it’s subjected to moisture for extended periods. We take our product selection very seriously because we want only the best for our clients. The same holds true for the plywood they use, and this is one of the reasons our Bruynzeel line of marine plywood is so popular. Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, Grade: Made in accordance with BS6566 or BS1088 Grade, CARB- California Air Resources Board •Lloyd’s Register Type Approved- British Standard 6566. For delivery minimums to your area please give us a call at 410-244-0055. If something special is needed, we can do a custom panel, where we lay it up with a specialty face veneer based on one of the above cores and picked based on the density, weight, and durability that best suits your project. If stain grade is important, then the beautiful deep red face of the Sapele in a highly durable and dense panel that can be used as a stand alone product. To find out about our Free Deliveries of wholesale plywood & Our Current Specials please give us a call at 410-244-0055 to get the details about your area. APA – The Engineered Wood Association for product quality. This enables us to solve a myriad of our customers’ problems, especially when you add in the ability to customize the face veneers to meet the specific project need. Gaps shall be putty filled to protect from moisture. As a hardwood plywood distributor, we also make regular deliveries on the East Coast. Shannon is a wood nerd, nuff said. This was an interesting opportunity for us, and it illustrated again how having all the information about how the plywood (or lumber) is to be used can enable us to customize the perfect solution. Chesapeake Plywood supplies wholesale Marine Plywood by an assortment of the greatest plywood producers. In order to obtain a rating by Lloyds as equivalent to a minimum of moderately durable, Shelman okoume plywood is treated with a preservative. Our Okoume, HydroCore & Sapele Marine Plywood all pass the BS1088 standard, and some of our Okoume products carry the LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING APPROVAL STAMP on each board. At the same time, it isn’t very interesting and relies on something going on top of it. The beauty of Okoume lies in the defect free, perfectly homogenous surface. It employs an outside Water and Boil Proof (WBP) adhesive very similar to the majority of external plywood. A homogenous surface that can be used as a perfect substrate that is lightweight and strong in the Okoume. Sapele Mahogany Ribbon-Stripe Marine Plywood: Ribbon Stripe refers to the beautiful straight grained quartered and rift sliced veneers used in this product. Thickness: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, CARB- California Air Resources Board •Lloyd’s Register Type Approved- British Standard 1088. Back veneer would be to get no more than two fixes. This product (called Super Hechthout by Bruynzeel) is made with the same exacting standards as the Okoume (Hechthout) panel, but instead of Okoume, it is all rotary cut Sapele.

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