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The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino was commemorated in Warsaw on Sunday at the Monument to the Battle of Monte Cassino, located by the gates of the city's Krasińskich Gardens. Abbatia Territorialis Montis Cassini) ist das Mutterkloster (lateinisch Archicoenobium Montis Casini; monte casino ist der „Berg (oberhalb) von Casino“) der Benediktiner in der Provinz Frosinone in Italien.Sie wurde von Benedikt von Nursia im Jahre 529 an der Stelle eines alten Apollotempels errichtet und steht im Range einer Erzabtei. Atop Mount Calvary (Hill 593), the last German position to fall, a monument dedicated to the memory of the 1,100 Polish soldiers lying in the Polish cemetery reads, We polish soldiers For our freedom and yours Have given our souls to God An Italian/Polish website gives all the names of those buried during the whole campaign. Die Abtei Montecassino (auch Monte Cassino; lat. Former soldiers from the Polish army’s Second Corps who are in Rome for the anniversary of the Second World War battle were greeted by the Pope at the Wednesday General Audience. Casamassima. For background information, Norman Davies recently published “Trail of Hope: The Anders Army, an Oddyssey across Three Continents”. I have found one soldier named Tadeusz Wójcik in the rank of starszy saper, Army Number: 1917-109-III, Unit: 5th Engineers Battalion, 5KDP, MCC Nr: 25978. Polish Exiles of WWII has lists of soldiers’ names (not complete) who were in the II Polish Corps. During the battles for Monte Cassino, the Poles had almost 4,000 casualties, nearly half of the men involved. In May it moved up to Monte Cassino, where the Poles proved their worth in capturing the destroyed abbey high atop a mountain that commanded the Allied approaches through the valley below. At the outbreak of the war Antoni Meldun was in the Polish Army and arrested and deported to Siberia in 1940. The 3rd Carpathian Division’s first patrol went out on February 21, northwest of San Angelo. There are 1072 soldiers buried at Monte Cassino but nearly 2500 are buried in cemeteries across Italy and the total number of Polish casualties in the campaign (killed and wounded) was 11,000. The Sunday commemoration included a roll call, a salvo of honour and the laying of wreaths at the monument. Battle of Monte Cassino: The Polish Corps’ Chance to Prove Itself. re Monte CAssino internet ""the Polish Monte Cassino Cross"Documentation to include a list of recipientsis not available.Records existindicating blocks ofcrosses by serial number distributed tospecific units.Each cross came with "legitymacja"and number.Mine is 31007 second armored amount of Crosses distributed was 48699. see more. Poland refused to bow to Nazi-German demands 80 years ago. The German defenses at Cassino had not … But there is not Antoni Meldun on the list of the 5th Engineers Battalion.

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