saf vs fleischmann's yeast

Marianna - I wondered whether I've used the wrong type of yeast in this instance. Doughs with added sugar do better with osmotolerant yeast, which is better adapted to the osmotic pressure exerted by sugar in the dough. Still, there are times when bakers might choose active dry yeast, or one of the fast-rising yeasts. By virtue of its fast, strong rise; and its versatility (standard, no-knead, and refrigerated/frozen doughs), we choose SAF instant. And the only problem with vitamin C is getting it weak enough to use. I couldn't get SAF red, and was only able to get SAF gold. Roughly translated to volume, any recipe calling for over 1 tablespoon sugar per cup of flour will benefit from SAF Gold. Happy baking! SAF Gold is made for use with enriched (sweetened) doughs. I seen that it's a 1:1 ratio when baking in the oven, but is it the same 1:1 ratio with the bread machines? Just a thought. I bought the SAF instant yeast in the one pound package, emptied it into an airtight plastic storage container, started storing it in the freezer, and after a couple years or so, it still works fine. There's a good chance that you could have the same results. Even after traveling 20 miles to the east of me all I could find is the baby food jar of Fleisch. Otherwise, one can pretty much adapt to the differences among them by watching dough, by sniffing it to determine its ripeness, etc. A full hour after the first loaf went in, the ADY loaf still isn't fully risen. Then remember to put a tablespoon of that water in your liquids for the dough mix. I don't focus on shelf life, since I keep all my yeasts deeply frozen, below -20C. And our Canadian flour already has alpha-amylase and Vitamin C added to it. Have all the pantry essentials on hand . Simply use the same amount of instant yeast in your recipe as ADY or fast-rising. P.S. I am glad to hear it works well. : ). Hi I have seen your comments about Saf-InstantRed as being able to be used in Bread Machines, but not if we need to convert the amount with what is asked for in the recipe. If yes, should you pre-activate the active dry yeast in warm water first then add to the rest of the ingredients or can it just go in dry? baking from scratch is our mission. Or is it just a matter of personal preference (or availability)? This site is powered by Drupal. I've never seen any professional express a preference for a particular brand. So for the sake of simplicity, I didn't include fresh yeast in these tests. Read the Instant yeast vs. Fleishman's Rapid Rise Yeast discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Bread food community. We recommend storing yeast in an air-tight container (such as a canning jar) in the freezer. With all of the varieties of yeast out there (let alone brand names), how do you know which yeast to use? It retards their staling, keeps their crumb delectably soft for a long time. And while it’s the most widely available at supermarkets here in Vegas, no one seems particularly fond of Fleischmann’s (although it seems to have been working fine for me; both the active dry and bread machine yeasts). P.S. I also like Fleishmann's Pizza Yeast, I use it in many European recipes which require European flours, moderately strong flours. And gold is formulated for doughs that could be called heavier. Red star and Bioreal. What causes this? Here they are shaped and in the pan (top); and 1 hour later, risen. Farmer's Market Week 18 (Whole Wheat Walnut YW/SD Combo), Tang Zhong, Ricotta, Scalded Multigrain with and without, Cranberries & Pecans. For those of you who go WAY back, fresh yeast (cake yeast) was the staple of every bread baker's kitchen. But can you substitute active dry yeast for instant yeast that's called for in a recipe? Not interested in an emulsifier. Are you worried about using up a pound of yeast? Red line - SAF red yeast gassing power, it steadily increases until it reaches its maximum around 1.5-3 hrs mark (90-180 min of fermentation time) which is when most bakers need it most - for a good proof and an impressive oven spring. As emulsifier I usually add a drop of lecithin. That's Gold on the left, Red on the right. Content posted by community members is their own. bag. That’s why Fleischmann’s ® Yeast has been the choice of home bakers since 1868. learn about us. Bottle water with the lid would work just fine. This is essential for the bread machine. The dough for these sweet rolls is often only lightly sweetened, if at all; so they don't need SAF Gold. Yes – but there's a tradeoff. In my case, availability has been the primary driver for what I use. techniques & how-tos. Are there substantial differences between the brands? The SAF Gold buns (left) have risen slightly more than the Red buns; see how the Gold buns are filling more of the pan? Well, they're sweet – but mainly from their topping/filling. These days, though, the familiar foil-wrapped cubes are available only in scattered grocery stores. A pound of SAF Red instant yeast – the equivalent of 64 (1/4-ounce) packets – costs $5.95. There, a different brand of yeast and a different strain of yeast will make a difference between success and failure. I have a quick sour dough recipe that calls for ady in warm water with sugar and potatoes flakes overnight. I was not old enough to appreciate the finer points of fermentation {wink}. Join the discussion today. The second time was in jars. European instant yeasts these days are only 90% yeast, the rest of the package content is yeast nutrient and essential dough conditioners, they are VERY nice, especially for those who bake in bread machines. I have come to prefer SAF, but recently bought another brand because yeast is scarce right now. my recipe specifically says 'don't add any more flour'. Yeast comes in two forms: fresh, as compressed cakes or blocks, and dry, which is in the form of dehydrated granules.The dry yeast is sold in a few different varieties, including instant, bread machine, and rapid rise. I am constantly re-reading it (probably OCD, ha,ha.) If I did not freeze the yeast then I did find that they all Peter out rapidly as they approach their expiration date so if its a year that I can't bake a lot then I buy a small packet each time I can sneak in a loaf. PJ Hamel grew up in New England, graduated from Brown University, and was a Maine journalist before joining King Arthur Flour in 1990.

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