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The fine subtleties of circuit design relating to sonic performance are gradually becoming more clearly understood. Better than 0.0025% @ 20Hz, +20dBu output level, no load. Bitte. For condenser microphones and powered DIs, there is +48V phantom power. Thomann jest największym na świecie sklepem wysyłkowym w zakresie instrumetnów muzycznych, sprzętu nagłośnieniowego oraz oświetleniowego. The color range proceeds from green for lower level signals, yellow for intermediate signals, and red for high levels. I put 4 stars on quality because one of my knobs are a little looser than the others, which I think is intended because I have 2 units and both act the same. Jeden klient ocenił ten produkt na 3 gwiazdki(ek). The high pass filter is continuously variable from 20-250Hz and engaged by the HPF switch, which illuminates when engaged. Continuously variable +/-6 dB level control. Rupert Neve Designs Portico modules achieve similar quality today without the bulk or the cost. “Electronically balanced” circuits much used in modern equipment, can give very good measurements on the test bench but they do not provide adequate rejection of the stray fields found in every working environment. For example, research has shown conclusively that frequencies above 20 kHz affect the way in which humans perceive sound quality. DigiTech VTP-1 Rack Mountable Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp / EQ/Converter With Box. Engages phantom power on the microphone input, as supplied by the 500 series rack. Power Requirements @ +/-16VDC 100mA, LADENGESCHÄFT:+49 40 4711 348 0ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN: Mo-Fr 10:00-18:30 Uhr, Sa + So geschlossen, SYSTEMTECHNIK: +49 40 4711 348 20ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN: Mo-Fr 10:00-18:30 Uhr, Sa + So geschlossen, SERVICE & SUPPORTPC-Support: +49 40 4711 348 26MAC-Support: +49 40 4711 348 12. Obecnie w naszym asortymencie znajduje się 80.000 produków. An Eight-segment LED bar-graph meter displays output level (pre-Silk). Rupert Neve Designs 511 - 500 Series Mic Pre with Silk; Manufacturer's Description from Neve. Portico 5211 5017 5024 5045 Accessories. Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss. Å»aden użytkownik nie wystawił opinii lub napisał ją w innym języku. Tip: Record just the ambient noise of your room with the highpass off, and then bring up the signal high in your DAW and check what's going on at the bottom. Posiadamy prawie 10 milonów klientów w 120-krajach. Na naszej stronie znajduje się wiele informacji na podstawowe pytania przed czy też po dokonaniu zakupu. Sami jesteśmy myzykami i dzielimy się naszą pasją. Gain Unity up to +66dB in 6dB steps. Trim continuously adjustable from -6dB to +6dB. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Much care was given in designing the 511 to produce as little noise and non-harmonic distortion as possible. This is one of the reasons we use transformers. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. With a truly legendary transformer-balanced preamp and the flexibility of variable Silk / Texture, the 511 was designed by Rupert Neve to provide classic sonic performance with 500-series value. A 12-way precision rotary switch controls gain from 0 to 66 dB in 6 dB steps. Noise: Measured at Main Output, un-weighted, 22Hz-22kHz, source impedance 150 Ohms balanced. Fora, apki, blogi i wiele więcej. 1 Channel Mic preaamp with 500 Module formfactor, +48V Phantom power can switched On and Off, Jeśli kupisz ten artykuł w zestawie razem z innymi produktami możesz zaoszczędzić, Wyświetl Rupert Neve Designs Komponenty w Systemie 500, pokaż Komponenty w Systemie 500 w cenie od 500 € - 1000 €, do grupy produktów Komponenty w Systemie 500, do grupy produktów Efekty i Procesory Sygnałowe, Rupert Neve Designs Efekty i Procesory Sygnałowe, Ranking sprzedaży w danej grupie produktów. In creating our Portico 500-Series Modules, we experimented with a number of different transformer and circuit designs to achieve the same presence and sweetness found in the Portico Series of modules. delivery times for you. Um unsere Website in bester Weise zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser. Nur registrierte Benutzer können Bewertungen schreiben. Wir nutzen notwendige Cookies, um die Funktionalität unserer Seite zu gewährleisten. Noise performance can vary depending on the 500 series and / or interference from stray magnetic fields. Bezpieczna płatność przez UPS przesyłka pobraniowa, Karta kredytowa, Przelew bankowy zagraniczny lub PayPal. When the 511 is clipped, the highest red LED will hold longer depending on how far above the clip threshold the signal was. Poor grounding of such equipment can be a serious problem. 7. Excellent pre. Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 500-Series Mic Pre Module with Silk. Rupert Neve Designs makes premium mic preamps, compressors, and equalizers for professionals and discerning enthusiasts alike. With the 511, the Texture control allows these techniques to be pushed further than previous designs, adding about 10 times the desirable THD of the original silk control at the maximum setting. Diese werden nur genutzt, wenn ihre Nutzung vom User erlaubt wird. Jako firma mamy jedną domenę: Ty jako klient. The sweet and silky sound of my classic old favorite consoles was achieved with big transistors and large high quality transformers. Building on the “Silk” mode found in the Portico Series mic pre-amplifiers, Texture is designed to adjust the actual amount of harmonic music content from the source material, in effect, providing wide range of tonal options for the preamplifier. This preamp is capable of truly professional recordings and at this price it is a steal. The result of these efforts is that outside of the slightly lowered headroom, our 500 series modules are nearly indistinguishable from standard Portico Series modules, and are perfectly suited for studios of the highest caliber.”.

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