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Ventilate the sun at night, because the air is rich in carbon dioxide and favors the growth of new roots. As you can see the upper leaf has some dark spots. How do you water it? If you do please copy you questions and answers to that email. I cut the spike way down and removed the yellow leaves (that were falling off anyway). Tropical plants, if they are well-groomed, are very resistant. Its on the kitchen counter in front of the windowsill. My orchids are watered by leaving them a few minutes in room.temperature water and never by pouring water on the top. Sounds good! Round the base of the orchid , where the roots start from. Also you can hold off on watering it till it’s very dry. Most rot is due to overwatering and then the water pooling at the bottom of the orchid base causing rot. Because I did not notice this before, my phal now has two roots in the bottom that are rotting. You want fresh new mix to give your orchid nutrients. Very severe cases are the easiest to treat, since it involves throwing the plant away. – intense lighting for 12-14 hours a day. The first bloomed nicely, then shot off another bloom stem from where the bloom stem ended. I only water her when the roots look silver and the ones I can touch are bone dry. In the middle of major house renovations and my sa, Another good leaf falling off a very healthy Phal, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins,,, Let air-dry for a moment and repot in fresh media. I was recently gifted an orchid (about two weeks ago) and have watered it once. bits of foam rubber had been purposefully wedged in. There is a small portion where the leaf is attached (the leaf that exists is closer to the root) this part is not black and has no rot, two sad roots that look dead shoot out which branches into two (therefore 4) o.k looking roots. Unfortunately orchids cannot survive without leaves and/or roots. I hadn’t watered it at all at that point and cut back the stems and gave it an ice cube. You do risk the blooms falling off earlier though because it shocks them. So why have at least 6 died of root rot/crown rot? p.s. DON’T reuse the mix though. Water the orchid and put aside. If they are turning dark then it needs more sun. I just bought this plant and as soon as I bought it I watered it and has been sitting indoors for about 3 days but I have a feeling my plant is not happy. Will it survive? This plant has now supported blooms for at least 15 months. Thank you for the wealth of information! Thank you for sharing your wisdom! If so you want to discard the outer part as shown here…,, Also yellow leaves can be normal or they can be a sign of rot as shown here…,, You want to wait till it’s very dry to water it. I recently received a Phaleanopsis as an early birthday gift from my mom. :) mine came with 12. If all the roots of the orchid rot, you will save it only by proper care in the sun., Sometimes an orchids leaves turning yellow can be normal as shown here…. HeHe. Hello Hannah, So thank you for the info on leaf color. I hope you can help me; two of my oldest and most faithful Phals have crown rot. Thanks for the heads up! After they dry a little, put them for 10-15 minutes in a fungicide solution. It’s a busy day prepping for the 4th over here so it may not be right away. There are orchid forums in the Internet that may be able to help. Over the summer, all but one leaf fell off, and the blooms all dropped. The missing roots can be restored by planting the plant in a 6-8 cm diameter pot with normal soil. Most orchids come in two pots with the inner pot having drainage and the outer pot not having drainage. Thanks in advance, I have done some considerable reading (luckily I read to water infrequently and in the tub as you water. We only have 3% here. I have an orchid with crown rot that was given to me. Where is it sold? I normally just let water run through them for a minute (it drains out the bottom) and then wait like five minutes and then do it again. I luckily got the clear plastic pots that insert into my decortive pots. Maybe – I have never used those. It helps by aerating the roots… So when you use it it’s going to fizz. I have a gorgeous phal orchid that I have had fo about 9 weeks now, she had a lot of buds on her when i got her and they all finished blooming about a month ago. My orchids have not died. Hi first i would like to thank you for what you are doing is the only plase i had found the most help. Thank you for your help in advance. Repeat every 2-3 days until the rot no longer fizzes and bubbles with the hydrogen peroxide application. 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