role of oncology nurse

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not collect data on individual nurse specializations, but the demand for Registered Nurses across the board is growing. Nurses are vital in delivering the best possible health care. No matter the setting, flexibility is crucial when caring for patients. When patients or loved ones receive a cancer diagnosis, they often experience fear, worry, and a desire to do everything possible to increase the chance of survival. Oncology nurse practitioners have significant skills to contribute to the process of patient care as planners, providers, and evaluators of care—and they can play a role in helping improve safety and quality of care, as well as outcomes. Role of the Oncology Nurse Navigator Throughout the Cancer Trajectory. A 2002 article in JAMA showed a clear association between a nurse being assigned more patients and increased risk of 30-day mortality. Depending on their experience, some Oncology Nurses serve in a management role. Oncology nurses have the challenging role of delivering care to cancer patients of all ages. Ambulatory Oncology Nursing Roles. Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) membership data from 1988 through 1997[Oncology Nursing Society National Office, personal communication, October, 1997] show a steadily increasing trend in the number of nurses reporting their primary role as NP or case manager. Employment for Registered Nurses is expected to grow by 16 percent by 2024, creating over 439,000 more jobs. The Integrative Oncology Nurse: New Role for a New Era in Cancer Care. Four Major Areas. Nurses Play Essential Role in Oncology Care By Jeanne Simard, RN, MBA, Contributor Nurses are uniquely positioned to help transform cancer survivorship care and improve not only the navigation process, but also the quality of service, by utilizing evidence-based medicine and implementing quality measures to track results. They coordinate and assist patients and their families through the difficulties and fears of a range of cancer types and treatments. Oncology nurses also play an important role in educating the patient and their family about their diagnosis, treatment plans and self management strategies. Increasingly, there is also recognition of the important role that nurses have in … Oncology Nurse Duties and Responsibilities. Navigation in oncology has demonstrated benefits for people at risk for or diagnosed with cancer, such as shorter time to diagnosis and treatment, increased patient and caregiver knowledge, better adherence to care, and improved quality of life. It is also a pivotal time for patients to assess their well-being and lifestyle and make positive changes.

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