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The RØDE Podcaster is a great mic for serious podcasters. I love this MIC! Feels like a tank, which is what I need since I tend to drop things. It’s also exciting because Rode already do very well in … Analogue signal conditioning + A/D and USB interface, -51.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (2.80mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, 1 Jahr, kostenlose Erweiterung auf 10 nach der. Das Podcaster enthält einen Poppschutz zum Abfangen von Explosivlauten, die ansonsten die Kapsel überlasten und zu Übersteuerung führen könnten. The RØDECaster Pro also connects to a computer as a USB audio interface so you can record your podcast to your favourite recording software or livestream with ease. Not only is it so easy to use, but I sound BETTER than I do in real life! Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RØDECaster Pro is all you will ever need to create incredible podcasts. By continuing to use our site, you accept our. The Rode Rodecaster Pro is a pretty unique piece of audio gear, because it’s designed entirely with podcasting in mind. Das Podcaster wird mit einer robusten RM2 Ringhalterung geliefert. Unlike a lot of USB mics, the Podcaster has accurate vocal reproduction and durability. I totally recommend this mic! I've had to do a lot more tweaking for mics that cost many times more. The mic is built well ... heavy and solid ... and doesn't feel the least bit fragile. RODE RODECaster Pro fiyatı. I love the headphone jack. 4 Mikrofon girişli, SD card ve Bilgisayara kayıt etme özellikli profesyonel podcast mikser..6.450,92 TL Das RØDE Podcaster wird in Australien hergestellt und erlaubt die kostenlose Erweiterung der RØDE-Garantie auf 10 Jahre. 3,5mm-Kopfhöreranschluss (stereo) mit Lautstärkeregler, Kostenlose 10-Jahres-Garantie für online registrierte Mikrofone (siehe We use the RØDE Podcaster USB mic for producing short videos about our software products, and the quality of the voice recordings is vastly improved over our previous efforts. Did some research on USB mics for recording voice overs for software tutorials. I was pretty hesitant to spend more than $50 on a mic (yes, I'm a complete newbie at audio work) but this thing installed on my machine (Windows 7) within a few seconds of plugging in the USB cable - no prompting or questions asked. Just plug it in and it's ready to use. The Podcaster is very good quality mic regardless of whether it's used in a studio setting or remote location. Der Kopfhöreranschluss am Mikrofon erlaubt eine latenzfreie Überwachung, d.h. es tritt keine Verzögerung bzw. Das Mikrofon wird über den Bus gespeist und ist mit einer Betriebsdiode ausgestattet. The 10 year guarantee gave us a lot of comfort too. What To Buy: Rode Podcaster or Blue Yeti? Calibre is a free audio library for the blind with nearly 20000 members. As you can tell if you’ve listened to the audio sample above the Podcaster has a fairly flat response curve with a slight bump around 10k that should work nice with most voices. RODE RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio Mixer [RODECaster PRO] - 10 Channel or Less: The RODECaster Pro is the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio. Overall a great mic....definitely recommend it. Each pad is highly customisable, with options for playback mode, colour-coding, and more, and you can store up to eight banks of sounds – 64 in total! Allerdings steht ein kostenloser ASIO-Universaltreiber namens “ASIO4ALL” zum Download bereit. I fired up GarageBand...It immediately saw the RØDE Podcaster, and I was recording in less than 60 seconds. I've used a ton of different mics over the years, and if money were no object, I would have purchased one of the Neumann broadcast models ... but since I was on a tight budget for a current project and needed something fast, I thought I'd give this one a shot, knowing it would at least be good enough for a decent recording that could be processed further. Other than that, the pick up pattern is great because it rejects sound from sides and behind the mic. Wenn Sie Fragen oder ein Problem mit dem Podcaster haben, springen Sie zu unserer Kontaktseite, um die Adresse des für Sie zuständigen Vertriebs ausfindig zu machen, Professioneller Galgenarm für Studioanwendungen, Schauen Sie sich unsere Podcaster Video-Playlist an, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Well balanced and perfect for the use it was designed for. $229.00. Recording a podcast with your crew at a distance? Thus, I decided to try the RØDE Podcaster together with a popup filter, RØDE Boom and Rode shockmount. RODE RODECaster Pro 4 Mikrofon Girişli Yayın Stüdyosu ® En iyi Fiyat Info Music Shop Türkiye Distribütör Güvencesiyle USB Ses Kartları , Stüdyo Kayıt Cihazları RODE RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio RodeCaster Pro Podcast Stüdyo sınıfında devrim yaratan yepyeni bir … I bought a bass drum mic stand because it was smaller. It features four high-quality XLR microphone inputs and four headphone outputs, and with intuitive controls, automatic level setting and one-touch recording to a microSD card or computer, you can literally be making a podcast within minutes of taking it out of the box. Køb Røde Rødecaster Pro podcaster-mixer hos Not to mention that RØDE is one of the finest audio companies around. Take your sound to the next level with the RØDECaster Pro’s on-board APHEX processing. I love it. The world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio, RODE’s RODE Caster Pro delivers superb audio quality while greatly simplifying the process of podcast production. Have a remote guest you want to chat to? The RØDECaster Pro makes professional podcasting easy. The HJA-4 is a pack of four high-quality adaptors for converting headphones with 3.5mm plugs for use with the RØDECaster Pro’s ¼-inch headphone sockets. $229.00. Das Mikrofon kann sogar an ein Apple iPad angeschlossen werden (erfordert ein iPad Camera Connection Kit und einen aktiven USB-Hub), damit man auch unterwegs (z.B. mit der “Garageband” App) neue Songs aufnehmen kann. Bestimmte Programme erkennen Audioschnittstellen aller Art nur bei Verwendung eines ASIO-Treibers. Additionally with a maximum SPL of 115db the RØDE has plenty of headroom to also be useful in grabbing quick demo recordings or song ideas on the fly. Rode has updated the RODECaster's firmware with a host of new features, including: - Ability to save and load a snapshot of the RØDECaster's settings -- called 'Shows' - Podcast Transfer Mode: allows users to transfer podcasts direct from the microSD to a computer - New sound pad functionality We have over 60 professional and semi-professional volunteers working from their homes who read the books into Sony SoundForge Home Studio on laptops and they nearly all use your mics and anglepoise stands. Construction - very solid, robust. The XLR-ID is a set of eight colour-coded rings that can be affixed to any XLR plug to assist with cable identification. A shock mount would make the whole thing look more impressive, but isn't really necessary for most applications. Since time is valuable, this is a wonderful find! Es kann direkt –d.h. Simply connect your phone to the RØDECaster Pro via Bluetooth™ or with a TRRS cable. I use the RØDE Podcaster for voice over for documentaries. The sound quality is great as well. This includes personalizing content and advertising. It has a nice rich sound that will be good for broadcast as well. We chose yours for quality and ease of use. This thing is built like a tank. This really is one of THE best microphones on the market. Fact is, this mic is capable of doing a lot of things, and doing them well. Very nice!! Very nice quality with a little weight on it. Connect and Hit Record. This is without question the most important and useful tool in my audio kit, and I thank you for allowing me the freedom to spend time with my family as the days of having to dash into the booth at Seven or to rock into one of the affiliates studios when on holidays are gone.

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