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Reverse Innovation is the strategy of innovating in emerging (or developing) markets and then distributing/marketing these innovations in developed markets. ; occurs in a top-down rank order . Examples include Wal-Mart when it first began by spreading across small cities in Arkansas. School Oklahoma State University; Course Title GEOG 1113; Type. Rodear: Spanish word meaning “to round up”; started as livestock ranching system and them formed into a contest awarding prizes. Walmart 32nd St. operational plan focuses on implementing Deming’s principles, and its assertion that higher quality leads to higher productivity and lower cost. Pages 4. Reverse Hierarchical Diffusion: Expansion diffusion in which ideas spread from area to area by ways of small towns, temporarily bypassing urban areas. Many companies are developing products in emerging countries like China and India and then distributing them globally. occurs when a phenomenon, such as the common cold, spreads randomly from one person to another. Hierarchical Diffusion. contagious diffusion. diffusion occurs in a "bottom-up" manner . 02b. A type of diffusion in which something is transmitted between places because of a physical or cultural community between those places. 8. Notes. Who coined or introduced the ‘reverse innovation’ concept? Uploaded By ProfessorStrawMole51. SPATIAL DIFFUSION OF WAL-MART: CONTAGIOUS AND REVERSE HIERARCHICAL ELEMENTS Walmart 32nd St. strategic planning for the next years is to increase sales for $2 million with a based line of past year sales. 9. The hierarchical diffusion of AIDS and violent crime among U.S. metropolitan regions: Inner-city decay, stochastic resonance and reversal of the mortality transition Author links open overlay panel Rodrick Wallace 1 2 Yi-Shan Huang 3 Peter Gould 4 Deborah Wallace 1 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reverse hierarchical diffusion 02b cultural impacts. SPATIAL DIFFUSION OF WAL-MART: CONTAGIOUS AND REVERSE HIERARCHICAL ELEMENTS [Graff, Thomas O & Ashton, Dub] on reverse hierarchical. -This latter type has been referred to as reverse hierarchical diffusion.-As the name indicates, this type of diffusion originates in rural locations and spreads to larger urban centers.-The most prominent example of this phenomenon in recent times is the growth and diffusion of Wal-Mart. et al. This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of 4 pages. Kinds of Expansion Diffusion Hierarchical Diffusion – spread of an idea through an established structure usually from people or areas of power down to other people or areas Examples of Hierarchical Diffusion iPhones (as do most new technologies) diffused hierarchically. Vijay Govindarajan. reverse hierarchical diffusion. 2007). This blending of contagious and reverse hierarchical diffusion has allowed Wal- Mart, within four decades, to become the world’s most succe ssful retailer (May.

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