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Very user-friendly. Second when you purchase the app on your phone you are not able to use it on your computer unless you purchase it again for the computer. Recipes can now be converted between US/Imperial and Metric. Double the payment, for what?the ability to sync my accounts together? It’s 5.99 per license. Save money on apps with AppGrooves Daily Deals! That’s a lot for what I would use it for. ‎Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all in one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner that's available across all of your devices. This is not true. Also cool that you can change the servings and the app will automatically update the amount of ingredients for the recipes. Recipes can now be linked together.Ingredients can now be checked off while cooking.The current direction can now be highlighted while cooking.Recipe scaling can now be set permanently. Search results now sorted by relevance. That in and of itself makes it obvious why the developers chose this methodology, but it still feels shady, and I feel a bit lied to. I should not have to buy the same app over and over only to access 1 account. Here’s why it’s a 4 instead of 5. I'm really impressed. Added a new dark mode.Create a meal plan automatically from your recipes.Create your own meal types.Add notes to meals.Adjust the serving size of a meal.Drag and drop a meal from one date to another.Copy or move a selection of meals from one date to another. Overall....this app has made my menu planing and shopping not only simple - but enjoyable. Frankly, I cannot think of a reason to deduct even one star from my rating. Richard’s support is impeccable. I had a few questions on function (I sometimes don’t read FAQ’s bad...) and I sent customer support an email. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? This app can be installed on different platforms. To customize your own categories & courses, go to Settings. I wish there was a way to organize in “folders” or similar rather than all the pictures. It seems fraudulent otherwise. YES you have to buy on all platforms but soooo worth it and if you add together still cheaper than most AND wayyy better. For $5 on each device, I’d say it’s a great bargain. Recipes can now be formatted with bold and italic text. LOVE this app! Ingredient amounts now highlighted in bold. Best App I have purchased! Easy to share recipes via text too! This app is for the lazy (like me) that just wanna be sure I don’t lose a recipe, to the super OCD organizer (like me) that’s wants complete order! It's so easy to look up a recipe when I'm in the grocery store and see something that gives me a dinner idea. For example, I have the different aisles listed in my grocery list so my items show up in the order I'll find them in the store. Recipe Keeper has become my go-to recipe app after trying them all. Not major though I’d love love this change. There was no option to simply sign in to one device to let it sync with the device i had already paid on once! Even though it said family sharing up to 6 devices it’s not true. See more ideas about Recipe cards, Recipe book, Recipe scrapbook. This one allows you to pull recipes from most everywhere. Not just a list of recipes from a website. I can’t begin to say how cool this app is! Well, with Recipe Keeper I couldn’t wait ‘til they asked! If you don’t care much about the nutrition from recipes you found that don’t give you the nutrition then this app would work for you. Maybe instead, make the price a little bigger and make it support multiple devices. I can now print paper copies from my computer, and still use the app from my iPad in the kitchen. Just wants me to buy pro a second time. There's maybe a lot of functionality that I don't need so it makes the app a little bulky and unwieldy at times. Some recipes I’ve had for years and years, with some creative effort and google searching, I’ve been able to find and add. While possible to add more than one list (e.g., groceries, hardware), it's difficult to navigate between the different lists. Then people wouldn’t be upset because they can make an informed decision. Pleeeease add a website sign-in functionality to this! Quickly and easily enter all your favorite recipes and organize them exactly the way you want. One is when you have a shopping list and you check an item off it doesn’t pull that item back in when you type it again, it adds another one. What is this feature for? Added a new dark mode. your password, By continuing, you agree to AppGrooves Terms Hands down best out there and I’ve tried several. Why not put this information in the actual prompt in the application so we would know when we make the decision?? Adjust the serving size of a meal. Wish there was less than 1 star. I keep telling my husband how much I love this app. I only have two issues with it. So, why only four stars? See help for details.Ingredient amounts now highlighted in bold.Update a selection of recipes to a new course or category in one go.Export a selection of recipes to a file.Today's meals now automatically pinned to the side menu.Improved print layout. Lately I’ve been wanting to be able to search recipes by ingredient so I can use up perishable items that are on the verge of perishing. Love that we can rate the recipes (we do a family rating for new recipes) and can easily find our favorites. I buy so many ingredients for recipes I KNOW I needed something for at some point, but never remember every ingredient so I don’t end up making it, or I may not find the recipe again. But that works in its favour. Purchased the Windows version first. Easy to manage and loce that its in order by name. If the developers get bored one day... I'm screwed. Not a big deal.). It has taken me 9 months to manually add only 3 seasons of recipes (I have a lot) I wish the photo feature were of better quality so I could just take photos of my hand written recipes. This app is not worth the time it has recipes like pancakes and cookies which when you buy stuff for it it already had it, Click the icon above to search for an app of your choice to compare. How To Edit Videos On iPhone For YouTube? I LOVE this app! That way your shopping list is on your phone while your recipes are easily displayed on your iPad. There is also no way to add a head note with the recipe title. Recipes can be listed in new large and small sizes. You guys thought of everything. You can compare other apps by clicking on "Add Your Own" below. All this and a fantastic price. If I would’ve known I needed to pay $11 for the app, I probably would’ve tried to make do with a different app altogether. The developer needs to make that much more clear at the start. One suggestion to make it worth the 5.99 is to make it so I can create an account and use it over multiple devices. Make a Time-Lapse Video With Bri from AppGrooves! I utterly depend on this app. The description says it can sync to your Android phonies (which I have) to an iMac, iPhone or iPad (which I also have). If you only want it on one device the free version is great. It’s only once you buy that you find out you have to pay again to sync to those other devices. Good UI. No matter my mood this app works. There is no option to upgrade on the phone so I thought I could do it on my computer for all devices. (It would be nice if you could select ingredients right from the recipe and add them to your shopping list, rather than the middle step of selecting/deselecting from the whole recipe. I love the fact that you have your menu, shopping list and recipes all in one place. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset I’ve been extremely thrilled with it! We've got this app on phones and the computer to add and plan out our weekly meals and it has been an excellent addition to our routine! It’s pretty shady you get the same feedback constantly and still haven’t updated the application to say it there too, where we can know BEFORE we buy! But I like to have it on my phone for the ingredients list when I am at the store and on my kindle for when I am cooking. Our goal is to build useful, easy … Comparing VSCO FREE v. VISCO PRO - HONEST Review, is VSCO X worth the hype? Best recipe app ever! Recipe import updated to support more web sites. If you are in anyway undecided about which recipe app to keep on your device, I highly recommend this one. I love this app more than any other app that I have purchased. I have it on my phone and my pc. I tried a few apps and found this one to be the absolute best! I installed it on my Kindle (that was a little complicated) but once I got it installed it was great and the format is bigger and all on one page. Ignored! Now, my “courses” are spring, summer, fall & winter. Very user friendly, just a few minor suggestions, Great for Recipes, Needs Work as a Shopping List, Expensive, Kind of ludicrous you need to buy the app twice to use it across devices :/, Select an app to compare and find out which fits your needs, Best Apps for Pre-Prepping for a Pre-Fixed Meal, Best Apps for People in a Long-Term Relationship, Best Apps for Reading Breaking News Summaries, Best Apps for Playing & Scanning Lottery Tickets in Florida, Best Apps for Managing your Jewelry Collection, Great Apps to Declutter your Digital Life, Best Apps for Holiday Shopping Discounts During COVID-19, Best Apps for Budget Gift Ideas During COVID-19, Best Apps To Meet People & Plan the Perfect Real-Life Date, Managing Chemotherapy Can Be Better With Apps, Must-Have Apps for Traveling with a Peanut Allergy, Best Apps to Cope With Stress from COVID-19, Best Apps for Learning about Natural Medicine, Great Apps for Dealing with Gallbladder Issues, Best Apps to Remedy Seasonal Affective Disorder, Wine Cellar 101: How to Build & Maintain Your Collection, How Apps Are Elevating the Cooking Class Experience, Use Apps to Find the Best Juicing & Juice Recipes, Camping Cuisine 101: How to Cook by the Campfire, Ketogenic Diet Tools & Tips for Beginners, How to Achieve New Business Success in 2020, From Napa to Sonoma: Planning a Trip to California Wine Country, 7 Simple Food Swaps To Stay Healthy | MyFitnessPal.

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