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I can add my own recipe or import. I have some cooking magazines and was even able to, in most cases, go find a specific recipe at a specific website simply by including the name of the magazine with the name of the recipe I was looking for. You can only have 20 recipes or else you have to pay. Despite being told I can share across devices, I can't. But it’s my go to app for recipes. Wish there was less than 1 star. Seamless recipe capturing. cyborghillbilly's Review of Recipe Keeper, I don’t normally buy apps but, searched hard and tried several recipe apps - this is the best by far worth paying the price. Terrible app. . I would highly recommend this. Copy or move a selection of meals from one date to another. Add recipes from the web- tons! Love this. Buyer beware!!!! This actually makes it easy to find recipes without having remembered which category you saved it under. I can then add these items to my shopping list, and pick up with my shopping. This is the PERFECT application for keeping all of my recipes organized, accessible and usable. I'd give it a higher rating if I didn't have to pay for the application additional times for more than one platform. It simplifies meal planning and makes it easy for me to share recipes! At least be clearer with your marketing when advertising as a cross-platform app. I used this for a long time. Easy to use, versatile, and complete. Had the free app and loved it so much I paid for the premium so I could add unlimited recipes. Recipes can now be pinned to the home screen. Hands down my most loved app! I have an iPhone but a Windows PC. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset recipe will stay open until you close it. If you could please raise that number to 50 or 75 before you have to pay. More obscure ones can be cut and pasted into the App. I’ve hit no snags when importing recipes from various websites. What are you waiting for? Your recipes. You can find recipes in different places and get them put right into it. Adding a recipe while browsing is simple. Been loading it up with low carb recipes from FB and other sites. I love the app on my computer but I think it's absolutely RIDICULOUS that I have to pay per platform on mobile devices. Recipes at my fingertips while shopping. It’s so nice to finally have a place for all of my recipes and I love how I can add a recipe from the internet! I was excited to use the app because it said it would sync with my computer with Windows. Web import doesn't always work, but I think that is a problem with formatting on the recipe site, not the app. Using other similar apps, and shopping apps, I found I purchased items at the store for recipes I found interesting, then forgot why I bought the item, often going bad before I relocated the recipe. The drawback is you have to pay for the pro version on every device you want to see your recipes on!! I use it all the time to import new recipes from websites that I keep trying out. I love the fact you can import recipes from websites and not have To manually type it in. Regardless, this is still a 5 star app for me. . I like the app a lot. I was using another recipe/meal planning app, but for many reasons decided to search for a new app. The only things I would add (if possible without cluttering the nice interface) is a list of staples that can get added to the regular shopping list with a click and an option to specify breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. It has taken me 9 months to manually add only 3 seasons of recipes (I have a lot) I wish the photo feature were of better quality so I could just take photos of my hand written recipes. I like being able to edit them, add notes and photos. This will solve that problem with being able to look up by category, course, favorites and other. Even imports recipes from other websites. Latest update recognizes the Ecosia Browser for importing recipes. I’m a bit OCD with organization so I really love being able to creat my own categories. The recipe import is simple and only needs minor corrections. Disclosure: is not affiliated in any way including development, production, management, marketing, design, or otherwise with any iOS app. Before doing this it wouldn't let me sign in unless I purchased the pro again. Best Recipe App I have ever had!!! I love this app and have shared with many friends. Love being able to share my recipes. It is easy to transfer a recipe from a web page. Now I simply type a word in the recipe title and it pops up. I’ve tried many recipe apps and had given up on them until I found this one! But other than that, I only used this app to hold my recipes. The only thing I don’t like is that it says you can sync between devices, which you can, but if your device is on a different platform (a.k.a Android) the app must be purchased again. I tried the free one until it said to up grade. Always thinking of one more meal while at the store. With this app I’m able to save them all in one spot and categorize them. Finding it easy to load recipes and find them. I love recipe keeper I have it on three Different machines my recipes are at my fingertips when together they all sing together and everything when I was looking at on my phone is on my computer or on my I pad absolutely love it I have it on my phone can take it to the grocery store find what the recipes I need and bring it home love it. Importing from web works pretty well from many sites. We'll make the list. Occasionally have to copy and paste a recipe. The only thing I did not like is I had to buy the app for each device. Once you've saved it you can edit it if you want to change some of the ingredients or add notes. It’s great for saving recipes you find online. What normally takes my wife and I 30-45 PER DAY to figure out dinner, this week in 5 minutes we put together a meal plan and shopping list. It not quite intuitive, but it is easy to learn. Also it allows the recipes to be shared by your different devices.

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